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  1. Don't forget Vizeadmiral Tegetthoff who won the battle of lissa. My granddad always told me that when we came across his monument on a square called Praterstern. What does "no difference for the law" mean? For me it is important to clarify that I don't want to make shortcuts on safety. I don't want to bend rules or find loopholes. Just looking for a step by step career path with my own boat. And just a few weeks or month of courses and seatime for the first step to get things started. The only thing I need is a way around the Ishihura plate test. (Well maybe). Some
  2. I am not looking for a loophole. There is just no possible way in Austria. We don't have a commercial ship register and we don't have a commercial skipper license. Neither a school or university for OOW or Masters. No sea no ships... Only a register for leisure yachts up to 24 meters. So I have to find a way to register the ship and make the necessary qualifications. My idea would be to register the ship in an offshore register like Bermuda or an open ship register that accepts the British qualifications. I want to work my way up on my own boat so that I don't have to buy twi
  3. @KC375 I think that is above my magic 24 meters mark. But I think I have the right questions now. What is the maximum size of a yacht that can be legally operated with a Yachtmaster Offshore and a STCW endorsement? Is there a maximum for passengers day/overnight? What about small amounts of cargo? What is the difference between a yacht and a small vessel?
  4. Please help me to sort this out. With a Yachtmaster and the commercial endorsement I am allowed to operate a commercial vessel up to 24 Meters. But only if the vessel is registrant as a commercial yacht. And if it is commercial yacht I am not allowed to transport cargo, not even a barrel of whisky. If I want to register as a cargo ship or a combined cargo/passanger vessel the yacht master is not a valid qualification?
  5. That are the difficult questions. I can't register an ocean going vessel in Austria for commercial use. The difficult question is if it is necessary to register the vessel commercially. Maybe it's possible to run the boat over a non profit society the society pays a crew (me) for operating the ship. There is a memorandum of understanding in Europe. It regulates that crew and ship certificates are recognized by other European countries. The "Tres Hombres" is registered in Vanuatu mainly because they don't have an engine witch causes problems in Europe. Only god knows what qualification
  6. I thought under 24 Meters a ship is legally just a yacht and the Yachtmaster Costal, Offshore or Ocean with the commercial endorsement is enough qualification. The British system is quite good for me because they allow a lantern test if you fail the Ishihara plates. The only reason why the Yachtmaster could be a problem are the 20 to 30 day passengers. @LeoV: My idea ist that one of us get the minimal necessary qualification to sail the boat. That could be an Austrian Costal Certificate (FB2). Two weeks of intense training and good you are. Then we go sailing on our own bo
  7. I recognized that I have maybe overshot it with my previous questions. Maybe it is better to scratch the surface a little bit longer before I reach the core. I think most of this vessels where built as sailing vessels. Sometimes with a little 30hp diesel engine to get out of the harbor. So I would think that they sail ok. Of course they need a good breeze to accelerate, they will hardly reach 9 Knots. But they will cruise at 5 to 8 knots as long as you don't push too much to windward. But they can beat if necessary. Providence is operated on a schedule and the legs are about 3 h
  8. I don't want to disagree with that. The thing is that if I think about the business first I end up with a well payed job on land and maybe go sailing a few weeks a year. But I don't want that. I want to life on a sailboat and I want to sail. I want to sell something and I don't want to live with the money of patrons or sponsors. So I have to think about a business where I am happy and make some money. Maybe a way is to run the vessel over a non profit organization and pay myself some pocket money. It is only about the legal reasons. I have full eyesight and I never had p
  9. Ok, first I want to say thank you all for your help. It has been a good and fun tread so far! I think I know what I want now, well I hope so. I definitely want to go that traditional rout. I prefer old fishing vessels. I like the design, the wheelhouse, the volume in the hull and the "can go anywhere" appearance. I even found the perfect vessel but it was sold two years ago: https://www.providence1903.com/ship-gallery Basic design elements I like: Two masts, wheelhouse, two separate companionways, outside steering behind/on top of the wheelhouse. Space for 20 to 30 day guests and 10
  10. Call it a business is too much, call it reducing the hole in the water is not enough. Somewhere in between. As far as I know "historical" can mean almost anything. It locks like a traditional vessel it has a gaff rig, it is a historic vessel. I think transporting tourist could be enough. I have done the calculation for the Kieler Week and it's quite a lot of money you can earn. 8 days. 2 Tripps a day. About 30 guests a trip. The prices are around 45 to 95€ a ticket. Let's say 50 to balance out the not booked spaces. (More on the two evenings with firework and for the tall
  11. I am not really interesting in the "motoring from one marina to the next with one stop for swimming" kind of business. Better business, maybe... but much more competition. Expeditions around Cape Hoorn: http://www.sarahvorwerk.net/en/home Prices for day guests on traditional boats: https://www.hansesail.com/no_cache/mitsegeln/mitsegeln-zur-hanse-sail-2020.html (A lot of days are already booked out) I am always a perfectionist. I have difficulties to work for people who think ok is good enough. Not improving something you know that it's not good really bothers me. Thats why I love
  12. I like the idea of choosing a coffin when one is still alive and building one is even better.
  13. Why did you do that to me? I am now considering building a wooden ship by my own hands. Think I need professional help by a headshrinker. Or drink less, or more, I definitely got the wrong dose.
  14. Both, the majority is built of steel but there are wooden boats as well. Especially in the 20 to 30 Meter range. This whole tread has been my search for sweet spot between to much boat and not enough space/cabins. There are not many boats even in the 30 to 40 Meter range carrying more than 12 passengers. I think the reason is SOLAS compliance. I got that advice and I would definitely book some sail training on a similar type of vessel. Got it. But to ask the right questions I have to know what I want and I have to know what is financially possible for me. It
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