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  1. I will be there with you guys in spirit! Have a great weekend and take some pictures. I'm looking forward to lighter travel restrictions and more fun later in 2021 or 2022. I got out yesterday for the first time in six weeks in 12-15 knots of breeze and had a blast. The six week hiatus was due to my wife and I having a new baby in late Jan. @Dave Clark how is the stock on UFO / Fulcrum branded baby onsies?
  2. @Ledge, welcome to the team! My background is very similar: sailing Lasers and wanting a boat that is more modern. I launch my boat at a beach that requires me to sail or paddle (not foil) underneath a bridge. The UFO will fit safely under a 19 foot bridge clearance. The boat is easy to paddle but there's not much space to store a paddle on the boat. I think the community knowledge on paddling is to paddle like a surfboard by putting your chest out on one of the bows and arm paddling. I have found that I can steer the boat with one of my feet on the tiller. I hope that helps and keep as
  3. Hey Paul, I think setting the main foil pin in the center and working on adjusting the rudder foil rake using the plastic spin adjuster under the tiller is your best bet. For San Diego winds I usually have the adjustment screw for the rear foil about 1/3 to 1/4 of the way out--that is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the threads are sticking out beyond the plastic spinning nut. You will have to do some fine tuning from there but that and moving your body weight fore and aft should get you close.
  4. A foil with the same surface area but a higher L/D ratio should give a lower takeoff speed without seriously increasing drag. It would also likely have a much higher aspect ratio and that would lead to two problems: 1) the main foil would no longer be able to be retracted up between the hulls because it will be too long 2) the materials to make something so long and thin strong enough to deal with the force of lifting the boat and pilot might be expensive or non-existent The soft wing sail "should" have a better L/D ratio than a standard 2D sail. This "should" increase power o
  5. So Dave, what I'm hearing you say is that the official Fulcrum recommended approach is to add JATO bottles to your UFO and that a retrofit kit is available for preorder?
  6. I can verify this finding as well. While developing my digital flight controller / wandless foiling system, I noticed that maxing out lift below 5ish knots only slowed the boat down. Beyond 4-5 knots, the lift on the forward foil is needed otherwise the bows dig into the water. The sweet spot seemed to have the foiling system start to engage at 4-5 knots of SoG as read by the onboard GPS. One of my main drivers for developing the digital flight control system was to foil in lighter air by reducing wand drag. I ended up finding out that reducing foil flap drag at lower speeds was per
  7. Dave, love the new loading system. Solves the problem of how to make catamarans fit in a square shipping container with maximum efficiency. BTW, might be able to sell a few of the boots to the Harbor Police for when you park your UFO in illegally.
  8. Completely agree. I've had great days in 8-10 knots of breeze and great days in 28-30 knots of howl. The boat is always fun and never feels overpowered or out of control. Conditions that would terrify me on a Laser are a fun challenge on a UFO!
  9. Hey team, I was out yesterday with a repaired and healthy lower mast section. I was out in ~15 knots of breeze and I was swept off the boat during a higher speed crash (not too uncommon). Typically, when this happens the boat heads up into the wind and sits there for me to swim over, but this time it put itself on a downwind trajectory and sailed off into a slipped mega yacht at about 6 knots (according to my onboard GPS). Not that hitting a $20M yacht is a good outcome but considering the boat could have sailed miles across a fairly empty bay leaving me stranded, it wasn't terrible. Has
  10. Love the video, a great end-of-summer gift for the kids. I hope they have lots of great weather and fun to enjoy the new ride!
  11. Hey team. Heard some funny noises coming from the mast earlier this week. I noticed that the collar that sits just below the deck (pic) had cracked. I also noticed a lot of wear on the lower base of the mast (pic). Should I be concerned with the wear?
  12. By "the worst should happen" you mean Martin forgetting to put the plugs in his boat!
  13. Hey team, was out with a few junior sailors from our club on Wed teaching them how to foil. We had a great time but the breeze didn't quite cooperate. We did have a power boat however. If you've ever wondered if you can tow a UFO to foiling, the answer is yes. Without wind in the sail however, controlling heel angle is more akin to foil surfing than sailing.
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