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  1. This is the same guy who is trying to distract his supporters from the fact that he is being investigated for sex with a 17 year old, accepting prostitutes in exchange for political favors , charging female escorts to his campaign expenses and other weird and un savory stuff. He blames a big tech and media conspiracy. He is so full of it. Big tech companies really dont care about him. But come what may, when he gets sick or when his parents get sick, healthcare workers and physicians will roll up their sleeves and take care of them , and risk their personal health to do so. I trul
  2. 49er medal race will be exciting. 3 boats within 4 points of each other in a double scoring race.. GBR women 470 have sailed into a 1 point lead for the first time in the regatta. My pick in Nacra is not going to get Gold or Silver and moving up one spot to Bronze is a tall order. But I could not be happier for Gimson, who is certain of a medal and hopefully keeps silver. Its been a long road for a nice guy. On a more somber note, where are our US team hopefuls? We dont have a single medal prospect. We're just trying to get into medal races. In 6 classe
  3. Here is a depressing statistic for you. In the last 2 days, more people tested positive for covid in the State of Florida than tested positive in Australia over the entire pandemic.
  4. I posted last week that the 2 hospitals where I am on staff/affiliated are seeing substantial uptick in covid admissions. I started bringing forward some of my surgeries in case some procedures get put on hold again like last year. It is not only covid patients who get affected but also other patients who have procedures delayed because covid takes capacity. For example, we rarely if ever use a ventilator in my ASC but we need one available just in case. In Spring 2020, they were all in use so we could not operate. Meanwhile I saw this on Bloomberg. It is slightly different from the dat
  5. Some quotes from the Lollapolooza sub reddit: "If I get it, I get it. I’m gonna enjoy this weekend. Been waiting a fat minute for a normal summer," "Now that there’s an opportunity to go out, it shouldn’t be an issue for those who are vaccinated, since we’re the ones who were staying home for so long," 90% of attendees presented vaccine certificates on day 1, so on the plus side, it has been a real incentive to get vaccinated. I am glad that the organizers are requiring vaccines or tests . Even better if they had required both. However it will be a spreader event, It is un
  6. I think the reality is that Its August. It is summer. The young have already lost one summer in their lives. We have had close to 20 months to get this thing under control. They are fed up with waiting. Young people are not dying. They want to get out and Lollapolooza represents an opportunity to bond with music loving youth and if its a bit risky? Risk taking is what people do.. In the UK, they stoically put up with another round of precautions as Delta ripped around but the Isle of Wight festival is scheduled for September and I bet it is jammed.
  7. It is not political in Chicago....... Once the masks came off, they all came off, and soon the musicians were body surfing the crowd as if Covid never happened.
  8. The Nacra gold was won by a 54 year old cancer survivor at Rio. Four years later he is in the Olympics again, lying in 6th position . Not too shabby for a 58 year old.
  9. You can watch it live on HULU. The audience is supposed to be vaccinated or tested......but I think "social distancing" fatigue has set it. The young see it as a small risk worth taking. You just have to see their faces to see how happy and carefree they feel getting to the festival.
  10. We were watching Lollapalooza live on Hulu earlier tonight. At first I thought it must be a replay from a previous pre-pandemic year. Then I realized it was live. The crowd was young, happy, dancing, crowded, maskless and having a fun time. You have to see it to believe it. Its impossible to not sympathize. Young people and the young at heart have been cooped up for a year. They will be jammed shoulder to shoulder and for four days and nights, they are forgetting about Covid and remembering what it was like to throw cares to one side and listen to great live music in an outdoor fest
  11. Well you were right about Croatians. That race today in light air was very impressive. Still very close between Spain and NZ. The Brits blew it, they had inside at left downwind gate and overstood, giving it to NZ. Then NZ and UK messed with each other letting Spain get past them both. UK got it back briefly when RSA sat on NZ for a bit but NZ took them back and the UK really messed up approach to last windward mark.
  12. But they do have discretion to choose an appropriate penalty. Seriously? 0.09 of a kilo has no impact on performance. 0.07 kilos at the top of the mast got this penalty. Conclusion 1. After replacing the wire, the weight of the mast including its rigging was 70 grams lighter than the class minimum of 10.kg, therefore TUR broke 470 class rule F3.7. 2. In the given conditions, using a 70 grams lighter wire had no possible effect on the boat speed of TUR. Decision 1. Using the Discretionary Penalty Policy, a starting penalty of 5% (Band 1) was decided. 2. There were
  13. This is meant to be a sport guided by the principles of good sportsmanship 1. If they were going to weigh the harnesses, weigh them before racing started so that competitors had a chance to take out lumbar supports etc. 2. Seriously, Irelands trapeze was 0.09 of a kilo overweight? That made no difference to their race results ......a warning would have sufficed....or a 5% penalty which the jury awarded to TUR for a mast that was 70 grams too light. . The other boat was 0.3 kilo overweight.....also negligble....but their shore team should have checked.
  14. Finn GBR 49er FX GBR .but I think Im going to be wrong because the Dutch team will overhaul them..... And the Dutch move to the top and my girls faded with a 16 14 15. Nacra AUS Mens Windsurfer NED 1 Womens Windsurfer CHN 1 49er NZL 4 .......needs to pull out the stops n 2nd half of regatta Its a close regatta. 3 boats tied on points now. clawing their way back. Its hit the restart button but no more discards for B/T Women 470 GBR Still in 2nd Men 470 AUS Holding on to first, and havent used the discard yet. Laser AUS Wh
  15. That is incredibly condescending towards the "uneducated" and the "religious". There are many blue constituents who are not getting vaccinated. Why do you turn this into a political message? It is not going to help encourage people to get vaccinated.
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