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  1. Russell has raised that concern.
  2. National Unity? What's best for the nation? I admire your passion but its a sailboat race. The sun will rise in the morning. Wearing masks and getting vaccines and pulling together during the pandemic represents national unity even if Josh Junior sails for another country to get his paycheck. I favor some kind of nationality association for buzz and excitement but I think a 100% rule will make the cup limited to a couple of teams and rather boring. I would prefer to see 5 or 6 teams next time around and close racing. Mozzy's post summed it up well. One idea would be t
  3. Yes I see your point. But in rugby and soccer, the teams exist , you just have to be good enough to play. In AC the teams only exist if there is a sponsor. So best Australian rugby players get to play for Australian team. Best Australian sailors don’t get to sail in AC
  4. Surely the nationality rules make for less teams , less jobs and less opportunities for young talent. How do the plethora of talented Australian sailors get a gig if they are excluded from participation due to nationality? Dylan doesn’t get to sail because the UK has a bench of good sailors who can only sail for GB The Japanese young sailors dont sail in AC because Team Japan won’t find sponsorship without a reasonable chance of winning.
  5. The rule hasn’t been created yet. It’s proposed for next protocol.
  6. I think the liklihood of Jimmy, Nathan, Tom and Ashby choosing to be on one team is very remote. Too much senior aft-guard talent for one boat . Australia is long on talent and experience with no funding. USA has the funding but short on sailors.
  7. Amazing job with a less experienced crew and broken pedestals etc. However Sling was always going to be very hard to beat. His boat handling and tactics was very impressive. Can you imagine an Australian AC entry? (Allinghi out of Royal Perth?)
  8. Bleddyn was on wing trim for Ineos. Ineos liked that he was experienced wing trimmer but also engineer with time at Team Red Bull Formula one and he interfaced with design team
  9. I am surprised that Phillip is being blamed for the British Empire. During QE2 and Phillips time the Empire was dismantled in a reasonably systematic fashion. Most of the remaining colonies achieved independence . The Royal family during QE2 time had next to nothing to do with foreign policy which is decided by the elected representative government.......which can be praised or criticized depending on your views. This generation of Royals had very little impact on the direction of foreign policy. Measuring the world during the reign of QE2. 1. There have been no majo
  10. All this back and forth about the sailing team at Ineos. Yet we dont talk about the BIG ISSUE at Ineos. What changes at the design team need to be made o produce a winning boat? The Ineos sailing team is very respectable. We can split hairs about how many starts they won or lost but put them on a fast boat and they can win the cup. What needs to happen at the design team?
  11. It’s even harder on the kiwi pro sailors not selected for the team.......or pro sailors from nation without an entry.
  12. You are very bitter towards a man who did more good than harm in his life. Married to the girl he met 81 years ago. Impressive.
  13. He stepped off because Ben and co were stepping on and Ben brought his own team with him. He stayed on as co-CEO. Age had naught to do with it. (he is a year younger than Ben but I have no idea if he is in as good shape as ben)
  14. The 100% nationality rule came from TNZ. It was a condition of being accepted as CoR. NYYC/AM also offered (asked) to be CoR and it was quite clear that TNZ was gong to want mutual consent to a nationality rule. There are several key points that are negotiated ahead of accepting a challenge.
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