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  1. Myocarditis can be caused by an autoimmune disease but the most common cause of this rare condition is viral infection. The statement that Myocarditis is an autoimmune disease is misleading, suggesting that the condition of myocarditis is always the result of an autoimmune response, when in fact, it is extremely rare. Regarding the link between myocarditis and Covid. This might be helpful:
  2. I get why Xi was skipped. I dont think I would be too thrilled if virus variants were named after American presidents (although I would be open to naming virus variants after the New York Yankees roster : Aaron, Britton, Cole, DJ, etc ). But what happened to Zeta, Eta Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lamda and Mu?
  3. Delta will let you postpone. The wind, waves and Drakensberg are not going anywhere.
  4. We should do our part. Perhaps we could volunteer to add to the pot; continental states beginning with the letter A and any state which has a compass bearing in its name. Or we could go with Bill Burr's idea:
  5. I woke up with cold sweats in the middle of the night. (Oh and by the way, I think that the concept that Covid 19 was a Savior, and that "the death pf loved ones is a small price to pay" for the benefit of eliminating 5 bn people from the planet is horrifying. of Eichmann like proportions. It is so absurd that there is no point in trying to debate the issue but Lenny Bruce used to say that humor is a weapon and I would rather chuckle than scream)
  6. b May I humbly point out that the suggestion originated from NZL32 who is looking for ways to reduce the planets human's population by 73% (to make room for the other species) in language eerily similar to Charles Manson. He intimated that Covid was a saviour for the planet and that the vaccination was a problem keeping all these vulnerable humans alive. I think his user name night give you a clue where he might start his campaign to save the planet. I would keep an eye open for any unexplained outbreaks of cholera, anthrax or Ebola, since disease seems to be his preferred
  7. One too many? I think so. Time to leave this thread. Reservoir as you lot say.
  8. You raise a good point. Covid might actually not kill Canadians and the army of the North b Best focus on the Kiwis initially then.
  9. Perfect. The added benefit is that we get rid of all those summer visitors that come to New England with license plates that say "I am a souvenir"
  10. Bristol.......you are missing the OP's original point . We are not going to relocate them. We are going to kill them. I dont think we need to worry about Idaho, Mississippi or West Virginia. They have embraced @NZL32's suggestions. It is a greater priority to get the Canadians to accept that an invisible hand is doing this for their own good and stop this vaccination foolishness. Ask yourself this simple question. Does the world really need Canada? or Canadians?
  11. Well why shouldn't the other species be allowed somewhere with healthy temperatures? My salamander might like NZ. I think if we are going to use disease to bring the population down to 2 billion, the sooner we get on with it the better. If something doesn't taste good, no point in nibbling. We'll need something with a wider efficacy than Covid 19 which predominately kills older people. Older people are going to die anyway and if we are going to slash the population we really need something that kills children and young people We need to decimate the children before we waste resource
  12. My proposal was to turn Canada into the theme park and just empty NZ of any human inhabitants. We would not have to worry about employees getting attached to Saskatchewan
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