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  1. Fantastic News 1. Makes NO immediately more competitive as a team. 2. It is really great to see Checco get a gig. This truly is including nearly all the very best of AC talent. NO and Checco together will be fun to watch What happens to the young Leo T? Will he do some events and Checco do some? Anyway....this is all very good news.
  2. Dont get me wrong , I favor a nationality component. However I dont understand your argument that the 100% nationality rule brings forward better sailors into the cup. But lets leave it there, If you think that Terry Hutchison is a better AC sailor than say Nathan Outteridge, then I will defer to your wisdom. Anway we agree that a certain amount of nationality is a good thing.....we merely differ on how much. Quick question, if Giles Scott went to live with his wife and kids in NZ for purely personal reasons(fell in love with the place, got a great job and good place to r
  3. The way to reduce the class politics/warfare that often ends up with bad decisions is for WS to start off by defining the categories they feel are needed , and only then allow debate on classes to fill those categories. For example, it was absurd when the multihulls were thrown out for a class that had nothing to do with multihulls. WS has got a bit better at defining categories and then looking for class to fulfill those categories. It needs a balance because if a particular class is widely raced around the world then obviously it should be looked at. Anyway...it will be inter
  4. Olympics has to be about both. It costs money to host the competition. Including a mix of TV friendly sports helps pay for the purely competitive sports.
  5. Kite foiling will save Sailing's role as a Olympic sport. It should have been introduced in 2016...it was,,,but was later pushed out by politics. Terrible mistake in hindsight. Sailors should embrace kite foiling because its Olympic appeal will subsidize the rest of the sport.
  6. This makes no sense whatsoever. You are saying that reducing the number of sailors and number of teams qualified to compete increases competition? So you really think that if you only allow 4 nationalities to compete against each other, that would somehow be more demanding than allowing the very best in the world on an entirely meritocratic basis to compete against each other irrespective of nationality. Your example of Nathan Outteridge is a good one. Under a 100% nationality rule, he would have been excluded from ever being part of the Americas Cup. As it was he participated
  7. Some strong options there: Hannah Mills: Gold and Silver at Olympics. Anna B : Nacra 17 World Champion. Hannah Diamond : I think she is also Nacra 17 and RTW race. Elli Aldridge : Talented kite foiler. European Champion. Medal hope for Tokyo Niki Boniface : Runner up in Olympic Trials for Nacra 17 after Anna....very close run . Emily Nagel : Youth Americas Cup, Akzo Nobel, Foiling cats with Spitbull. Useful for Bermuda because she is Bermudan Native. Will they be grinding or Afterguard : Wing or FlighT
  8. Great info'. My goodness. But where are you getting this from?
  9. Cranes are a relatively inexpensive item in preparing an the Olympic Sailing facility in Marseilles. They will need them anyway for hosting subsequent events and launching retrieving support boats. If you look at all the great international sailing facilities, they have cranes. Smaller keel boats like the Viper and the SB20 can be ramp launched as well. I suspect the J70 requires too many crew . There is an athlete limit for all of sailing just north of 300. The 10th class cannot be more than 2/3 crew. If there is going to be an inshore keelboat class, it has to be the modern
  10. NZ could have used a NZ designer. They chose (correctly) to use a British designer. The Australians that sailed in the last 4 or 5 AC cycles sailed with international teams out of necessity. There was no Australian entry for them to choose. So I dont get the difference.
  11. Precisely. I was going to mention the infamous winged keel design and testing....but shortened my post. ACN is correct. Constructed used to mean designed and built. The original competition stemmed from the yacht America being ahead of her time and the syndicate liked the idea of nations competing to see whose design and construction was most effective. Currently it seems to simply mean "assembled" because of course not only are the designers interenational but several of the components were supplied from outside the country The cup has evolved, which is why I smile when I rea
  12. There is a strict nationality rule applied to builders because that is in the DoG. a yacht or vessel propelled by sails only and constructed in the country to which the Challenging Club belongs, against any one yacht or vessel constructed in the country of the Club holding the cup So you need two elements to challenge for the cup: 1. A yacht club that hosts an annual regatta on the sea 2. A decent boat builder and the ability to build a boat in the challenging country. Regarding gym trainers, the DoG remains mysteriously silent.
  13. I kind of agree with ACnick here. The point of SailGP is not to provide a spectacle of sailing like we do at home. SailGP bears no relationship to that. We go sailing for that. Its something cool to watch. No different than watching Formula One. Some like to watch F1, some find it boring. Its high speed sailing and some like to watch it. If enough like it, then it might survive, if they dont, it will not survive.
  14. But Finn will not be the proposed class. You listed the IOC criteria above , and they have been listed earlier in the thread and discussed why Finn does not meet them.....notably gender.
  15. Agreed. Although VM is not as well known outside of Italy and Russia to many as Elvstrom Coutts and Ainslie. But yes VM must have been truly extraordinary talent. 3 golds and a silver from 1968 to 1980 and winning gold at 41 years old. Another reason I would like to see a keelboat survive.
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