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  1. Hi all! I'm looking to potentially buy a 32' turn key condition sail boat in Monterey on Friday or Saturday. It looks like the winds are southerly for a downwind route on Saturday. Even then, I am fine to use the motor to get us there In a timely fashion. Send me a dm if your intrested in coming along! As for me, I am friendly, open minded, positive attitude, and have 3 years of experience sailing a small sailboat around the Bay.
  2. Love his mindset. "THE SMALL BOAT FAVORS A MEANINGFUL LIFE" https://www.yrvind.com/the-small-boat-favors-a-meaningful-life/ and in his YouTube video, he's ready with 120 days of sardines and muesli.
  3. Did you inject the foam yourself? Is the creaking coming from bulkheads and furniture? To me creaking seems unacceptable...
  4. I tried his technique when I cut and installed a new bulkhead. I ended up using a different method and actually had to cut the bulkhead in two with a third piece to stitch the two pieces together...but very strong.
  5. Hey all! So here's a question I have had for a while and have some experience in working with and getting positive results from: How can you improve the strength and reliability for liner built boats, with the purpose of making them strong for passagemaking/heavy weather sailing? I love fast sailing race boats, and I love luxurious cruiser boats, but the shoal-draft and good condition cruisers that are within my short term plans are usually a bit light (Catalina, Hunter, Beneteau, etc). They also might be older (80s/90s) with questionable or simply unknown status of bonding of the l
  6. Getting back to the original post - I went on a 4 day sail and used a hard kayak. Was workable, but would never want to tow it even coastal where I'm at (SF bay). Still would rather get an inflatable SUP or kayak. Also getting into it wasn't great. In a chop I'd set my chances at slightly better than 50/50. Only used it once, and ironically ended up leaving it on the beach, going for a swim...back to the boat. Then back to shore. Easy to do when you only draw 2.5 feet in a 23' boat. The two guys I met with nice big boats while on the trip both immediately told me I had a great size boat b
  7. I agree that the situation seems like it should have been navigable, even with a passenger getting off with the CG. I've had plenty of bad decisions and moments that were too close to danger for comfort, but never bit off more than I could chew. Take this memorial day weekend for an example - I have been prepping my old 23 footer that I sail out of SF bay regularly for 2 years, with the idea of finally doing a petaluma-out the gate-to tomales bay run. I scheduled my extra day off (to give me 4 days) 3 months ago. I was watching the weather starting 1.5 weeks prior. Saw that it was bl
  8. I had a runaway empty trailer down the ramp once (was in a rush), luckily it was easily retrievable. And a scare once when I pulled the boat out of the water too far onto the flat...it of course kept rolling towards my truck but thankfully stopped just short. That's why they call it "the show"... watching people launching boats. If I ever sell this boat it will come with a manual that I create for it.
  9. Yep that's exactly what I do - attach the tow haul strap up high on the trailer to keep the nose down. I've actually been adding sand bags to the trailer tongue during launch. My trailer ends up balanced on the dual axles so that the spare tire which is a mounted a few inches high doesn't always touch the ground - the nose of the trailer is just floating in the air. Fun times
  10. If you store your boat with the mast up, that's a very different definition of trailering. Question for you strap launchers -do you guys use a spare wheel on the tongue? How does your tongue weight change on the ramp vs flat?
  11. And yes, in addition to sway mitigation you should absolutely use a gin pole and a winch. My gin pole is the same length as j and connects from mast base to a block at the bow. What Santana said is right...The whole mast- raising situation kind of reminds me of unloading a nice motorcycle from a raised pickup bed. In the rain. Could take a few minutes ezpz or on a bad day crush your leg and break a few thousand $ worth of stuff. I remember the motorcycle starting to slide down the ramp with the brakes locked. An exciting exercise in balance! That being said if you have a reli
  12. Trailering - I bought 23 foot 3600 pound boat specifically because I could store it in my driveway but realized it's hell to launch so got a slip for it which makes it 1000 times easier to sail. It depeds on if you care about spending 2 hours for setup and 2 hours for takedown every time. My boat just has 2.5 foot draft and I need over a 10 foot tongue extenion - I use a tow haul strap and disconnect my trailer while I'm sitting on the ramp. Check your ramp depth and don't run the trailer off the ramp! You may need high tide or simply can't use many ramps. Innocent bystanders sometimes v
  13. I've been on a lot of forums before, and have seen a few who have axed all politics because of the attacks and bitterness. From a content perspective, it always removes that extra crazy bit of energy on a website and a lot of people leave. The biggest uniqueness of sailing anarchy is its anarchy. I think there is a preferred spectrum in between 4chan to something really bland that this place should stay at. I used to be more political, but now i see those who think they know how everything works to be pretty arrogant, and the following personal attacks to be even more pathetic. Let the p
  14. Been following your adventure. Hope you get everything righted. Also, from your earlier correspondence and knowing where you are in life, my advice regarding money/patreon/gofundme etc is to overcome your preconceptions and other peoples' negative attitudes about it. Keep in mind what you already pointed out that other people can click away from your thread. Same with funding - sorta. At the end of the day, adventure journaling can certainly be thought of a type of cultural value-add. The extent of it is always up for debate. The continuum of Rimas -> Hunter S Thomspon. For me p
  15. I just have an old 23' O'day, so no fancy sails but I got what I wanted - a nice genoa and mainsail, oversized as requested, lots of reef points... I will absolutely go back again for their service and responsiveness compared to what I received with North Sails who is literally around the block from me.
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