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    I'm down to about 400 PSI on my last tank so I've been using it judiciously, like sautéing soft-shell crabs on summer holidays! There are pressure regulator adapters that are listed on eBay with fittings designed for the 3000 PSI fill stations at one end and a nozzle to refill the 2200 PSI Corp Brothers tanks at the other. If you can find one of the CNG stations that will allow you to use it that's the only solution I'm currently aware of. Well worth it if you do as the cost of the gas to fill it up to 2200 PSI probably isn't even a couple of dollars. I haven't done this yet but it's on
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    The problem is that most likely you have the old Corp Brothers CNG tanks which are rated for 2200 PSI while all the contemporary fill stations are for either 3000 or 3600 PSI tanks. I'm in Chicago and used to exchange mine in Waukegan and it was my understanding that they used to get the empty tanks refilled in Milwaukee until some govt agency (I believe it was the Department of Transportation) prohibited the stations from filling those tanks.
  3. The boats will need an AIS transponder (not just a receiver.) Each crew will need a personal AIS beacon. The transponder+antenna splitter is roughly a $600 to $1000 expense. The personal beacons that meet the requirement are around $300 each.
  4. Regularly? It wasn't until the 103rd running in 2003 that any lives were ever lost.
  5. The lakefront, with the exception of "swimming beaches" has been open since last June. Some of the lakefront access roads through the parks were closed to cars until a few months ago but the parks/trails, etc have been open. Spring frostbite sailing has been going on out of Belmont for a few weeks now. Although the harbors don't officially open until May 1st, they allow boats in as early as April 15th. A few boats have already trickled into Belmont.
  6. Some great insight and lifelong acquired knowledge being shared on this thread. While somewhat hesitant to point anyone towards YouTubers, I did come across an interesting channel a few days ago featuring a young couple evaluating various traditional bluewater cruisers for long term cruising/liveaboard purposes. John Kretschmer provides some commentary on each one as well. While their budget is more in the $150-200k range and the boats "only" roughly 15-20 years old, the compare/contrast between various aspects of each boat in matters such as hull design, construction, rig, cockpit, engine acc
  7. Since personal AIS beacons are part of the requirement I assume it's more about the ability to locate a MOB rather than the traditional core function of AIS. Especially in the light of the tragedy of a few years ago. I made the exact same decision last fall. It's one of those items where everybody has the same Minimum Advertised Price so no tax/shipping along with a little discount via bundling with the splitter (and a little more when I "added it to my cart" the day after Thanksgiving) made all the difference. For the unaware, you do need a reputable seller since they have to
  8. More like $$$$ items rather than $$. Out of mere curiosity I've been wondering to see if they stick with this as well. If so, it'll be quite the scramble for a slew of boats to get AIS transponders installed and it's a requirement that will be impossible for people not to notice if a boat ignores or is ignorant of the requirement. Transponder plus antenna splitter runs about a grand, and the most common personal beacons are $290 each.
  9. Thanks for the response. You're certainly correct. I neglected to view this through the lens of Westrec just explaining "their" rules and policies.
  10. Complete idiots. Even after all this time they still leave ambiguities such as: ANCHORING IN SOUTH MONROE HARBOR: No rafting of boats will be allowed along the Chicago lakefront. So rather than listing the "no rafting" line on its own they list it under a "South Monroe Harbor" bullet subject. Makes me think all the more that they realize they have no authority over anchoring (or even rafting) in the "playpen". Duly noted that the playpen isn't even mentioned in these rules. Not a playpen guy as I'd rather be sailing every chance I get but just illustrating this as an examp
  11. Second boat to arrive in Belmont this morning at 9:30 a.m. In a harbor of 800 or so slips of all people my immediate neighbor beat me in by less than a half hour. Was a beautiful day of maintenance and especially enjoyed the view of everyone joyfully reclaiming the lakefront.
  12. They didn't actually. When I saw the new policy (and posted it here) Saturday morning it said that they would start taking reservations on Monday, June 1st but if you needed to deliver that day to call them right away, which I did. I left a voicemail and also emailed the harbor. Later that morning, the website changed to reflect the online reservation system, so I filled that out as well. I never heard anything. Shortly after I pulled in yesterday I flagged down a harbor worker to try to find out the gate code. She wouldn't let me know but sent by a couple of other workers who said that
  13. Agree. Once the state stay at home order expired on Friday and the police knew that they would have their hands full with more pressing concerns come Saturday that enforcing a health commissioner's order with dubious at best public health justification was a questionable at best priority. I for one went on a nice run around Belmont Harbor and up to Montrose on Saturday morning via the lakefront itself (as opposed to the trail.) An officer and I exchanged mutual "good morning" greetings as I jogged by and I told him that I hope he and his colleagues will stay safe later that day...to which h
  14. Today's update: (pertinent changes pasted) https://www.chicagoharbors.info/covid-19/ BOAT STAGING: Boat Staging: Beginning June 1st, we will allow Chicago Harbors customers whose boats are currently at storage facilities or alternate harbors, to bring their boats to a temporary slip at either Montrose or 31st Street Harbor to “stage” until the harbors open. The procedure for staging boats are as follows: All boaters wishing to bring boats in will require a reservation via the marina manager. We will begin accepting reservations on June 1st. Boaters who have an urg
  15. Another update that while short on specifics at least states that they'll provide additional details this weekend: https://www.chicagoharbors.info/covid19-task-force/ Please Be Considerate of Your Actions as We Near the Opening of the Chicago Harbors May 29, 2020 On May 28th, the City of Chicago announced that it is set to enter Phase 3 of its reopening plan on June 3rd. The city has previously stated that the harbors will open sometime during Phase 3 and today the Task Force continued our dialogue with officials regarding next steps. First of all, thank you to all the
  16. They’ll be a 1pm press conference tomorrow with the Mayor and Arwady showing the updated metrics. I’d expect that Westrec will be able to provide a harbor opening update shortly thereafter if it’s not already revealed in her presentation or the follow up questions from the press.
  17. I recall that as part of the justification for creating the 31st St Harbor it was stated that the Park District earns $16M from the Harbor System. (The context was profit, not just revenue.) With about 5000 permit holders at the time, the math seems reasonable in that they make $3200 on average per mooring/slip holder.
  18. I guess we'll all see what we want to see until Westrec makes it official. https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/reopening-business-portal.html Within Phase III, the following industries are opening first with specific safety guidelines: Childcare centers and family childcare Non-lakefront parks (no contact sports) Libraries and other city services Office-based jobs, professional services, and real estate services Hotels / lodging Outdoor attractions (e.g., boating – not including the Playpen, non-Lakefront golf courses) Non-
  19. My vote June 1st. It’s a Monday, the state allows reopening on May 29th in general but the 30th for “boating” but you know Lori isn’t going to risk the first day of a reopening on a weekend.
  20. So I’m quite curious as to what legal authority cities on the Great Lakes (IL specific) have over “their” waterfront. What are the jurisdictional limits that exist between cities, states and “federally navigable waterways”? Obviously topical when Chicago’s mayor says things like “boating won’t be allowed in Chicago...” For example, can someone with a slip in Hammond or Winthrop sail along our shoreline? Drop their hook just north of Montrose Beach, or the playpen (which I believe is a designated anchorage...but designated by who?) etc..Genuinely curious and appreciate the insights of those f
  21. The city's health commissioner actually just commented on this during her daily update. She was emphasizing that you can't get it from food as it's a respiratory virus, not gastric. She said that even if someone infected coughed on your food and you ate it, the virus wouldn't survive in your stomach. The concern is getting it in your lungs.
  22. Thrilled to see today's update from Westrec: Spring Launch at Montrose and 31st Street Boatyards: We are happy to report that we have received permission to begin launching winter storage boats starting Thursday, May 21st at our Montrose and 31st Street boatyards under the following conditions: Only Chicago Harbors winter storage customers at these locations will be allowed to launch. Once a boat is launched, it will be held at a temporary mooring at either Montrose or 31st Street, awaiting the opening of the Chicago Harbors. Boaters will only
  23. I recently purchased the Vesper XB8000 and will install it this spring. For those who have this unit, did you also install the external alarm and alarm shutoff switch? Asking since I know the unit itself sounds an alarm and I would also have alarms pushed via wifi to my iPhone and iPad running both iNavX as well as Vesper's own WatchMate app. Even if you did install the optional external alarm do you think it's overkill or a helpful redundancy?
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