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  1. Compared to in US news, including the Moronathon
  2. A current-events summary America's Cup: Progress equals complex >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (sailingscuttlebutt.com)
  3. That and buy-backs may help, some. It's good to see the corrupt NRA finally getting nailed, maybe that will help a little too, including politically/legislatively.
  4. Guns are out of control in the US but, for several reasons, that horse left the barn so long ago it can't be fixed. A few friends own guns but they stay firmly and securely in their homes, for on the very-remote chance some nut who is armed breaks in and it threatens the lives of their loved ones. I figure my odds of getting shot are far higher if I am holding one ... and so simply don't own one. You want the booze? The wallet? Here ya go, man!
  5. I subscribe to YT Premium, primarily to avoid any and all advertising; but it also includes YT Music (much like iTunes or Pandora) and maybe the YT Music link ones aren’t visible to non-subscribers. Thnx for pointing it out.
  6. Alongside 'Stairway to Heaven' possibly the best song title ever Knockin' On Heaven's Door - YouTube
  7. Are you a North or South islander? "It's three o'clock in the morning ... And the rain begins to fall ... "
  8. The very best reason to not go into it, and with a f'ing gun..
  9. Govt Mule also does a brilliant version of Soulshine. Yes, great tune and a touch along the lines of the one Rennie posted. More f'in rain in my area than I can ever remember, they are calling the systems 'atmospheric rivers!' Entire towns along rivers here are getting evacuated, it's out of control, yikes. If anyone has a decent sound system I recommend this solid golden oldie too.. it may be what has sounded best while sampling my new studio monitors and subwoofer today. Hotel California (2013 Remaster) - YouTube
  10. Am putting together a 'music studio' full of various goodies and am today enjoying playing pentatonics to this nice golden-oldies track, really fun
  11. Did we see anything definitive about Verdier signing with anyone? Missed that.
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