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  1. Bingo! And there are surely some advantages in doing just that, beyond the commercial ‘branding’ aspect, and so most teams will tend toward that regardless.
  2. .... And the percentage should be left completely to individual Syndicates to determine what % works best for that team... If a team like LR chooses to go 90% or more Italians across sailors, designers, shore crew, admin, etc, well then: Cool! They don’t need GD’s advice or rules.
  3. Australia SailGP Team’s capsize during a training run in the Great Sound last week resulted from an error controlling the new wing-sail on the modified F50 foiling catamaran. https://www.royalgazette.com/sailing/sport/article/20210418/high-speed-and-new-wing-at-heart-of-australia-capsize/
  4. Pray tell? IMO it is to lowball sailor salaries, and for parochial fan interest. Both of those are for crass-cash reasons and they don’t belong with the Design intent that is so blatantly f’ing obvious in the DoG.
  5. But for one chance at the bottom mark of the last race in the $1M SailGP finale, Nathan would have won that with the crew he had.
  6. The sailors are essentially f’cked salary-wise, PB included. It may be the best thing for GD and the bean counters but sailor-lock-in is just one of the very worst parts of this rule. It should actually be illegal, if it is not already.
  7. Without any definition of emerging nations yet, this rule makes potential new competitors very-very unlikely for AC37. As they say, the one thing you can’t buy is time. On Time: Nowhere is it stated so far if ETNZ and Ineos will be allowed another 6 month Design head start, which IMO was intentionally disastrous to both AM and Ineos in this cycle. For all we know, GD has instructed his team to already begin running sims on the coming new design rules, especially including the new foil rules, given what GD pulled in this past cycle.
  8. Don’t get me started... This thing is basically bullshit, the crass-commercial arguments for it are far outnumbered by the heavyweight arguments against it. While it’s cool to see degrees of patriotism, hired hands sailor-crew nationalities should be a choice left entirely to the team syndicates.
  9. No, TFE argues that RYSR is perfectly legit but has brought up the ‘controversy’ with Hamish Ross - a sometimes guest on his show, who literally has a ‘PhD in America’s Cup.’ Me, I think it’s a reasonable question to ask and am not convinced either way about if it’d survive a court challenge. Hopefully nobody will bother. If it is so important to ‘protect’ a real Yacht Club like RYS then why did both AM’s NYYC and LR’s CVS YC’s not do the same weird thing? edit: RNZYS too..
  10. This SGP series is going to be brilliant, the teams are awesome!
  11. Which teams have sailors with the most SailGP F50 experience, is it BA’s?
  12. If Matteo (who seems to be the owner of ETNZ) can’t or won’t fund a proper Defense then GD needs to find a bigger $Billionaire.
  13. Are the AM boats still there? The LR boats are being shipped back to Cagliari for the northern summer, right? On TE’s show on Tuesday he said that ‘one hears’ the bases are no longer available to teams since the leases ran out after the AC concluded; maybe AM will choose to find a warehouse or somesuch if they think there’s a chance of AKL being a venue soon.
  14. If I had downloaded the NZ Herald app and then subscribed through there (Apple in my case) it would have been simple. Instead I had subscribed via their web site using a Visa card, apparently requiring a phone call to NZ to do the unsubscribe instead of simply via the Apple->Settings->Subscriptions on the phone. The service rep was friendly and all, they also offered a deal for just $1.50/wk, almost took it.
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