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  1. Oh c’mon, with probably 8 to 10 syndicates coming for 3 or 4 years and hundreds upon hundreds of Super Yachts who will all spend $Billions in Cork, well.. They’d be fools to not mortgage their future to GD & Co!
  2. NZ report shows securing Americas Cup could be costly for Ireland (irishexaminer.com)
  3. Asked why he had not taken up the invitation to meet with Team New Zealand, Dunphy pointed to how he saw the role of the yacht squadron. “One has got to remember the squadron is the cup holder, the arrangement with Team New Zealand is a management contract,” he told Stuff. America's Cup: Rich-lister proposes NZ venue option for AC37 | Stuff.co.nz
  4. I can read it for free today for some reason. Yes, that is the basic message I took from it too.
  5. Dumb Q: How does the 'Medal Race' soring work, do first, second, third score 2, 4, 6 points instead of 1, 2, 3? Also, do only the top-ten advance to the Medal Race?
  6. Besides B&T and Giles, what other AC36/Auckland sailors went to Tokyo, we can follow?
  7. https://slate.com/culture/2021/07/olympics-sailing-women-49er-fx-best-event.amp
  8. Yikes, P&B suffered a second 12th. But they’re in 4th, within shot of a medal still.
  9. Maybe, but unlike Valencia there appear to be high-level politicos pursuing the idea, probably in the hopes of also side-funding some govt entities who’d then work on the project. It may be coincidental but one article also pointed out that the head of the Origin Sports Group (apparently tasked with the venue bid effort) is himself from Cork.
  10. Please post some more of that? I let my NZH subscription expire.
  11. A reason this question about who’s in and who’s not in the EU grabbed my attention is because of this: I booked tix today via British Airways, transiting through LHR Terminal 5 to another plane, and am worried about if that means a 5 day mandatory isolation requirement upon arrival in Rome. Through any EU country, via Dublin on RyanAir for example, it would be no concern. Does anyone here know if simply switching planes in the UK means quarantining in the EU upon arrival there?
  12. Someone made the point above somewhere, that ETNZ has a history of showing up only shortly before the regatta in whatever venue. That was certainly true of both SF and Bermuda. It makes me wonder if they will dictate in the AC37 Protocol that teams (and which ones..) will be required to spend a bunch of months or years in whatever the next venue is, as part of the money-making deal. Would be a touch hypocritical..
  13. One of several AC books in my stack, to read some day ☺️
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