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  1. silver bullet's the fastest boat on the course ATM SHE'S COMING BABY!!!
  2. scallywag just pinged at 12 kts oats have aught up around 8 miles since 4 hrs ago. wouldn't write her off just yet
  3. WOXI seems to be heading in the wrong direction...
  4. the indian's looking for some wind and NZ!
  5. to be fair, oats beat them both out of the harbour and only got overtaken once the reef was taken out and everyone had their big sails up. (if i recall correctly)
  6. fuck off sock let me give you a tip, nobody gives a shit about anything said on here
  7. i think that ETNZ should set a wind limit as early as possible and then if they find out that the wind limits are too high for the boats, they consult the challengers and change it accordingly. i don't agree with how oracle changed the wind limits completely. i don't think that the decision was too awful to reduce the upper wind limit, after a guy dies i think something publicly has to be done to show the audience that they are taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. was it the best decision? i'm not sure, maybe they could have changed the class rule some more to ensu
  8. I think they changed the wind limits because it was clear that no boat could handle a capsize without being nearly written off, and a dude DIED. i don't agree on that lighter stuff, pretty dog by oracle, but you can't seriously think that they should have raced in 30 knots
  9. do we know he is telling the truth? not that he's a mad liar but he wouldn't give anythin away regardless, i would be surprised if ETNZ put out crazy wind limits but they should be well out by now seeing as the first boats are launched and designs for the second boats are well under development it would be a farce if they released the wind limits too late for challengers to design around
  10. was watching some AC races on youtube and got an ad for UFO the first sailing ad i've ever gotten i think
  11. there has to be some sort of wind limits what if it's going 50 knots? it's never sailable then
  12. yeah, sailing along with the heel wouldn't me too fast i'd never imagine that manta will be fast lowriding maybe it would work getting some speed flat, then getting the rake on the foil and getting the leeward chine out, then levering the boat up from there? they know more than me though i just don't think the flat bottom will be too much of a letdown, and the aero on that thing looks slick as
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