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  1. The crew should be demographically representative of the country. That would be a nice one and in a sense not much different from the nationality rule. It all depends on the definition and restriction, if it is only imposing a majority of the crew and shore staff (>50%) are from the country of the syndicate, with much stronger restriction on how to qualify (not having spent 2 months in a hotel in the country) then it makes sense for some kind of geographical return while not impeding the campaign too much. I still want to see the best competing in AC at all levels (design, build, crew)
  2. This should read Anarchists are dudes that wants to see boobs. Unfortunately not many female candidate helming topless! More seriously, there aren't many boat and they are many worthy candidates. When someone like Nathan O. is on the bench, it's unfortunately hard to find female sailor with similar resume. The other point is previous cup experience is value so highly that it creates big exclusion groups. Let's hope they get some women on board for next cycle (even if forced through the rule) to initiate a trend and hopefully remove this rule later on. Speaking of tweaks and rules, wha
  3. Rob (at 9' or so) doesn't mention it as a trickle down but it is actually the biggest trickle down from AC. It's knowledge and experience to the marine industry. All parties involved in the cup are being pushed for the processes, methodology, design and such. Even if we don't see direct link between an AC boat and the next cruiser, there are some behind the curtain with more effective design process, load analysis and tools, build and so on. You can't forget what you learned. Yes, some of that is too expensive for small productions, for now. That's the company work to sell it for high end
  4. Actually great to have Nathan, Ken and Shirley in the commentary team + insight from eliminated team members. It really adds to have knowledgeable people and different perspective on and off the water.
  5. Few points: - Started to work with TNZ in 2010 after he build a VG boat for Dick in NZL. - He is working half time for TNZ given his other project, more as adviser than coordinator. It still takes time to suggest and critics ideas to have some depth in them. - He thinks that they are too many in the design team (~25). Less people are more efficient. Many people are specialist and GV has a global vision. - 5-6y ago, he got a discussion about a 40feet performance boat. Ray Davis didn't like the keel, GV suggested to put the weight in the foils instead, some laugh. But after first anal
  6. I am glad to not support any particular team (hoping they mean it when they say to keep the concept for next edition). Great sailing and there isn't much in it. Traditional match sailing enthusiast might say that it's not close racing with 250m lead and such but given the speed it's no different than non foiling boats some 50m from each other. Currently feels like ETNZ is slightly faster but not by much, and LRRP has still slight edge on starts and aggression. I don't agree with commentary team about the luff on first race. Yes it was desperate but it was LRRP best shot at it, they
  7. https://www.sail-world.com/news/235432/Playing-the-long-game The article has an intriguing point with 62 kn being fastest reported speed by ETNZ. Was sure to find the response here somewhere with the speed being the explanation for flipping a seagull passing nearby the boat on some video. Anyone knows where this number is coming from? Pretty impressive if confirmed.
  8. As described during the LR - ITUK incident, there is already a rule for that. Starboard has right away and port should give way, in case it's not the case and boat are on collision course, starboard has to take evasive actions (rule 16 if I remember well) and penalty is given to port.
  9. I was thinking the same at the start, less so at arrival. His skills are not at doubt, maybe decision making in some conditions as his make or break attitude is sometimes questionable (like his choice very early in the race to go in strongest winds). Seeing the wind profile of this VG, it's hard to defend HB or Charal being much faster than lead group. Both were likely to run out of food well before the end and those boats were designed around typical predominant winds which represent a low percentage of the race this time around. I rooted for Alex at the start as he would have been a gre
  10. Good illustration with 2 boats as close as it can be, slight difference in TWD but big one on TWS. Notice that delta is usually consistent, one boat is measuring more than the other most of the time and that seldom revert.
  11. We can imagine that umpires have better software than my drawing board, but it is worth to project boat position and there is no way any losange would intersect (my reference point is of course before the change of direction of Prada). Lots of yellow lines but pretty self explanatory. Situation is also flattered as LR was pushing downwind with speed dropping at that point.
  12. One observation I had during the cross is how close do you want to cross behind another boat given the mess they leave in the water. Surely that should have an impact on your lift. They should go through the disturbed water pretty fast though, is it enough for foil or rudder to stall? Is there something best considered in rules for safety reasons or left open for teams? In most cases software are so good now that both teams and umpire knows who is in front and has right away some time before the actual crossing. They can basically prepare the finger on the button once starboard boat dive
  13. "Picking", illustration of hull only, and tired brain made me see a very design scoop. Handle is not really ergonomic. Let's keep the picture/video with sails and water to appreciate those foiling beasts how they should.
  14. Don't forget that those distances are the one covered by the boat and not "distance made good", Sodebo might actually lose more than that while keeping 770 nm average as they have to pass North of Kerguelen. Would be interesting to have the trace of IDEC ahead as well to see how straight they were.
  15. Not sure they will need to do any "jump", according to forecast this low will move quite nicely at 750-800 nm a day. With that Sodebo could reach Good hope just when a bridge is forming, their window is just getting better especially now that they managed to catch the speedway. Won't be done until they reach France. Positively impressed by their performance so far. It was probably the slowest and least reliable ultime during the Brest Atlantique. I guess refit did her good and then good sacrifices to Neptune (there is always a bit of luck for all the elements to fall at the right place).
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