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  1. Or is the change of box size to allow a big enough curvature for a bi plane foil, adding foil length and tunneling effect between both planes + when lifted part of the foil comes out of the water and reduce drag. The stress in the curvature? Let's leave that aside, it doesn't matter on SA... Joke aside, it will be interesting to see where they will head and performance difference across wind range with v2.
  2. I wonder if teams searching for this perfect windows are not actually missing some "average" windows which are developing into good ones. When looking for optimal forecast, they can only evolve negatively (or eventually keep up to their promises) but weather is not always according to forecast. Would be interesting to know the cost and if it is worth to start more attempts up to a point (like 3 days in), and give a chance to more windows. Surely the interesting parts are passing the doldrums and catch the proper wind system after to ride in the South and I doubt the prediction are that re
  3. That's the downside or upside of sailing depending how you want to look at it, no leaderboard can be trusted until the arrival. They might as well use a simple metric that is understood by most even if the more advanced follower will know it is inaccurate. Might be tricky during family talks to explain how it actually stands. While really interesting, not sure everyone wants to go through Hermann analysis to get the situation and some form of ranking. So not sure there is any other metrics which is easy and relevant to use. Still impressive how tight it is in Class 40 and any weather
  4. Bit split on this but don't mind for the Ultimes as a special class, don't want it for Multi 50, Imoca and Class 40. Why 2 set of rules, it's already basically the case with weather routing and Ultimes are such expensive campaigns that are made possible thanks to the exposure during races, if it allows them to continue, post content and keep one or two extra boats in the fleet, so be it. For the green side, I don't fool myself thinking such campaigns are very green (except for Sodebo but that's only appearances), but hopefully they are laboratories to develop the industry and have an impa
  5. Good one and the start renders pretty well, shows how stressful it might be for double handed IMOCA in a big fleet environment and lack of maneuverability. Good job from the mediaman.
  6. Interesting comments about early take off and cavitation, we are not done with foils development and we might see the result for the next AC cycle. And they admit taking some ideas from AC into Ultim. Wish we could have similar visit of an AC75 (which is highly unlikely to happen).
  7. We might see different approach in route making in the future simply as boat are exceeding the speed of the wind which make some adverse current favorable to them. If you look at AC or SGP boats, they are often seeking to go against the tide to maximize VMG (as it increases the apparent wind and their speed by more than the current offsetting the disadvantage). This definitely applies to the Ultim.
  8. Only saw this one and difficult to judge the height of the boom but it looks to be in between the cockpits indeed. Navigation angle isn't a big surprise but it raises a few question about safety. Surely you might want more travel than that in some situation in the South Pacific. About the view forward, not sure they have much at all given the forward fairing. Can't wait to see the first sailing video as it should give another perspective...
  9. Supposedly live on Instagram right now with hangar door opening at 10AM (CET) and they put the boat in the water at 12PM but couldn't find any video. They have short bits on Instagram but nothing like a live video (except if the first part is over already, will have another look in 1h30). Here is the link to their page if anyone is interested: https://www.instagram.com/trimaransvrlazartigue/channel/
  10. https://mills-design.com/2021/05/flying-nikka-cetilar-branding-revealed/ Hard to have more direct link than this one, it's like a smaller version of an AC boat. Interesting interview on the concept:
  11. The crew should be demographically representative of the country. That would be a nice one and in a sense not much different from the nationality rule. It all depends on the definition and restriction, if it is only imposing a majority of the crew and shore staff (>50%) are from the country of the syndicate, with much stronger restriction on how to qualify (not having spent 2 months in a hotel in the country) then it makes sense for some kind of geographical return while not impeding the campaign too much. I still want to see the best competing in AC at all levels (design, build, crew)
  12. This should read Anarchists are dudes that wants to see boobs. Unfortunately not many female candidate helming topless! More seriously, there aren't many boat and they are many worthy candidates. When someone like Nathan O. is on the bench, it's unfortunately hard to find female sailor with similar resume. The other point is previous cup experience is value so highly that it creates big exclusion groups. Let's hope they get some women on board for next cycle (even if forced through the rule) to initiate a trend and hopefully remove this rule later on. Speaking of tweaks and rules, wha
  13. Rob (at 9' or so) doesn't mention it as a trickle down but it is actually the biggest trickle down from AC. It's knowledge and experience to the marine industry. All parties involved in the cup are being pushed for the processes, methodology, design and such. Even if we don't see direct link between an AC boat and the next cruiser, there are some behind the curtain with more effective design process, load analysis and tools, build and so on. You can't forget what you learned. Yes, some of that is too expensive for small productions, for now. That's the company work to sell it for high end
  14. Actually great to have Nathan, Ken and Shirley in the commentary team + insight from eliminated team members. It really adds to have knowledgeable people and different perspective on and off the water.
  15. Few points: - Started to work with TNZ in 2010 after he build a VG boat for Dick in NZL. - He is working half time for TNZ given his other project, more as adviser than coordinator. It still takes time to suggest and critics ideas to have some depth in them. - He thinks that they are too many in the design team (~25). Less people are more efficient. Many people are specialist and GV has a global vision. - 5-6y ago, he got a discussion about a 40feet performance boat. Ray Davis didn't like the keel, GV suggested to put the weight in the foils instead, some laugh. But after first anal
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