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  1. is he sailing direkt to finnland?
  2. it recognizes temperature differences in the infrared range, i.e. a delphin floating in the bow wave or a flying marlin in front would be an exciting picture, but I do not know whether they store pictures, and also not how far can be seen. but a rescue boat with a people at night must be well recognizable, or? from boris you hear little here, once he said the fishing boat was green, and not red as it was depicted in the newspaper...
  3. yes indeed, the short version of Andrew Forrest is also very memorable: 'Do we know what caused all the big fish to disappear from the Caribbean?' he just shrugged, 'Nothing remarkable or noteworthy happened, they simply got eaten.' exists a night fish or whale image on a monitor of oscar? and by the way, helped oscar in the search of escoffier?
  4. beyou´s timestamp is 89d 18h 55m minus 9d 3h -----> 80d 15h ~55m if we count from his restart that is between place 6 (Ruyant) and 7 (Seguin) gratulation
  5. he restartet ~17-nov 16:05 ----> minus ~ 9d 3h if he arrived in 24 h it would be like burton (3. or 4.) 10 h later 7. or 8. in the moment (race time 88d 15h) he is 397 miles away and sail not so fast with 12kn... so realistic he needs rather 30h
  6. Wenn das Wörtchen wenn nicht wär, wär mein Vater Millionär
  7. a start with the non foiler one day earlyer? (or only 3h earlyer for LE ROI LE CAM, yes sir)
  8. on marinetraffic the time stamp for hermanos is eight days old? 2021-01-20 02:25 UTC
  9. VORTRIEB (D) : heading drive (EN) or heading force?
  10. he fixed the stb runner up to two tones
  11. you will see, if le cam fish him up, le cam would earn an other 15h bonus and will win over all
  12. le Cam 390sm/18kn-16.25=5.4h boris 83sm/7kn-6=5.8h from now go boris! clac clac is on his way
  13. no mistranslation is it not, but not realy confirmed
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