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  1. Vaccine or no vaccine (weren’t we really late getting it?), it doesn’t change the fact that Australia, since the beginning of the pandemic is better off by 65,000 deaths to this point, despite our own mismanagements. 65,000 isn’t a figure I plucked out of the air, it is their total death rate minus our total death rate per 100,000, then adjusted for our total population. Are you not consoled by that, or are you just having a cheap shot?
  2. Consolation is that our death rate/100k is way lower than either. If we matched the USA and UK death rates, there would be roughly 65,000 additional dead Australians by now….. If Australia is now high risk, by comparison, the UK and USA are death warrants.
  3. I don’t want to steal Russ’ thunder, but: Lack of vaka rocker is good for directional stability and speed, but lousy for tacking. Don’t ask me how I know. If you look at all the serious racing tris, like the MOD 70’s, they have a surprising amount of rocker in the main hull, especially up front, much less so in the ama, but then you have no dihedral to lift the ama out whilst tacking. If you have too much rocker, and for some reason you have directional stability/lateral area/balance problems, you can always add a skeg, easy to do afterwards. Putting in more rocker for manoeuvrabilit
  4. Nie ma za co…… powrót do tematu:
  5. Rozbiłbym się, gdybym prowadził ten samochód! po co zawracać sobie głowę uruchamianiem samochodu?
  6. Your obsession with Meli is worrying. What about the Polish POS and Jacinda Ardern to name a few more? Presumably Berejiklian isn’t an Armenian POS because she is of the right political persuasion, despite telling everyone to open up and let Covid rip? FWIW, I don’t regard Gutwein as a German POS because he opened up Tassie Borders.
  7. A bit harsh, He only behave badly towards wog foreigners. And females.
  8. I said as much in my first post. I would expect the pultruded beam solution to be significantly heavier and much less aerodynamic than an aluminium tube solution. If you really want it all, ie, strength, lightness, bondability and aerodynamics, use carbon tube.
  9. Just to finish the story: Enchantress Is back in Adelaide now and up for sale. The “round” trip from Brisbane being the best part of 3,000 miles. Although the three crew (two being doctors) left Sydney with negative Covid tests, one had Covid by the time they got to Tassie, with another of the crew suspect. They reckon caught standing in the queue for PCR tests. I wonder how many other S2H boats had similar experiences?. We quarantined as well, for a week after they left Dunalley, to be sure, but are all clear and OK. They did a final 7 day quarantine at the cottage on the owner’s Ba
  10. Don’t forget “babord” and “tribord”. Dozens of these around, but they may not be sufficiently colloquial these days:
  11. And there I was thinking vaccination medical exemptions were all about whether a person’s health was sufficiently at risk in the opinion of a doctor from the vaccination itself…… That’s the way it is for any other vaccination like Polio. Why are Covid and tennis stars somehow different? The big fuck up, if it was a genuine fuck up and not a nudge nudge, wink, wink gone wrong, was ABF not sending Novax JokeCovid packing straight away when he first landed.
  12. Prince Charles was also a long time fan of the “Goon Show”, which preceded it, and was involved with comedy theatre was back in his university days: https://flashbak.com/the-story-of-prince-charles-comedy-from-the-goons-to-nowhere-15455/
  13. Fixed…. You forgot William 111 of Orange.
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