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  1. And they don’t know what permanent health impairments they will be left with after they have “recovered”.........
  2. Sidecar

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Classy presidential, statesmanlike behaviour. Setting an example..... How to openly benefit from public office and get away with it. Or was it another COVID cure?
  3. Sidecar

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Trump 'tards like yourself are anti-science and generally skeptical of anything that is clinically proven to be for the greater good of society- like clean air and vaccines. It will be a tough task getting anti-science morons to get vaccinated. Trump’tards don’t need to go to the bother of vaccination....... All they have to do is drink bleach and shine a UV light up their asses. Fixed! COVID will suddenly disappear, like a miracle! It will just go away. Covid would have spread far less if they had immediately followed their beloved dear leader’s instructions...
  4. FIFY..... Never mind the patriotic respect that should go with it.......
  5. Sidecar

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    I think the extra sail area and lowering of CE is a minor side benefit. For me the mast stump was about lowering the deck to minimise the frontal area facing 40 to 50 knots AWS. Plus channeling the airflow, which in itself means that the (additional) sail area low down is even more effective. I will go one further..... air (and water) pushed away sideways is wasted energy. Best is to push it under. TR’s heavily flared bows best pushes air under the flat sections to help create an air cushion when close to the water, assisting lift off. Once it is up and away, the effect is minimised if not lost, but the job has been done, which means you need smaller foils for lift off, which pays back at higher speeds. TR, relative to LR, pushes less air overall out of the way, and more of it under than sideways.
  6. Sidecar


    ProaSailor is right re displacement. Any hull which has the same midsection area, the same LWL and prismatic coefficient will have the same displacement, regardless of where you bend the bows to and/or the shape of the mid section area. I don’t think asymmetric shaped vakas help much unless you are designing for a specific, very limited speed range, like Venetian gondolas or outrigger canoes being paddled from only the “opposite” side. What is balanced at one speed, may cause problems at another. Anything which produces lift, also produces extra drag, which is sufficiently small and may be acceptable at low speeds. But not at high speeds. CoB shift is handy, but I wouldn’t design in asymmetry to get it. Above the water plane is an entirely different story. The more shift you can efficiently produce from a hull shape when the hull increasingly heels and immerses to leeward, the better.
  7. Maybe they can be. How often are they? And what proportion of cases are successful? Beat me to it........ Prima facile, so many conventions, constitutional obligations and laws broken during the Trump years and Americans are still talking about it...Not to mention the constant barrage of lies and fake news.
  8. Sidecar


    You will be surprised what you can find at a good Rubber/Foam Store:
  9. Sidecar

    "National Cleavage Day"

  10. @AJ Oliver needs to get up to speed. Murdoch has tried (still is trying) to control Australian politics, long before he got involved in US politics, tried to control British politics, until the Brits caught him illegally phone tapping. He lives in USA because he can get away with all his Elliot Carver style bullshit there. Successfully too.
  11. Sidecar

    Looking for Pacific Proa plans

  12. Mundt is right, looks like a code zero, which rates as a spinnaker under OMR. Venom on the OMR website is rated with a spinnaker, no screecher, but the rating shown must be suspect anyhow. Since when does a top of the line 42 ft Grainger tri rate less than a 24ft Diam tri? Sections 12 and 13. Venom 6th up from the bottom, Wilparina 3, a Diam, 3rd up from the bottom. Venom: 0.944, Wilparina 3: O.983 and Carbon Credit (F31SRCX): 1.030! Hard to believe it is all to do with the weight: 3775kg, 597kg and 1583kg respectively.
  13. Sidecar


    10% of 1250kg shifted 3 metres to windward I would suggest is significant? It is a 10% increase in RM. My guess is a SeaCart rig, including battens and sails is slightly more than that....
  14. Sidecar


    Proa, I understand and totally agree with what you have said, many times over, about heeling moment, but it is the WEIGHT of an abnormally tall wing mast, together with a huge fully battened mainsail, boom, jib, rigging etc, which is a substantial/significant proportion of the overall weight of such a light boat which is the righting moment issue...