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  1. As senior officers/members of the club, maybe you should follow something resembling traditional etiquette. Some club flags (eg “Royal” prefix clubs) you have to apply for permission, and come with a warrant and prescribed set of etiquette rules. The flags and burgees have to be handed in if you leave the club. https://www.usps.org/f_stuff/etiquett.html https://www.almanac.com/us-flag-etiquette-rules-and-guidelines But don’t let it ruin ALL the fun.
  2. It’s called transparency in government....
  3. It is like so much other corruption in US politics and elsewhere. Everyone talks about it, yet nothing is done about it. In Flynn’s case, he was formally warned of possible illegal behaviour in 2013, and he has carried on with corruption and treachery in open sight ever since. It is now 2021, and it is still being talked about. Nothing changes and doing nothing desensitises and encourages the continuation and escalation of such behaviour.
  4. A bit like the old joke about how many (pick a nationality) electricians needed to change a light bulb? How many policemen are needed to restrain a man, handcuffed, lying face down on the ground? Are they incompetent or what? A knee on the lower legs would have sufficed until competent reinforcements arrived.
  5. In German speaking countries, they are still apothecaries.....
  6. It would be interesting to know the overall stats, of those paper trail elected and those elected without?
  7. Base Speed can’t see and doesn’t allow for any “imperfections” in rig, sails, hulls, foils or crew. Even antifouling (as opposed to dry sailing) will knock off half a knot.
  8. Numbers provided were approximate theoretical maximum speeds in flat water. At 10 tonnes Displ, the Base (or average) Speed drops to 11.3 knots. Upwind, waves will knock a fair bit of speed off, especially on smaller lighter boats.
  9. When you find some reliable info, please let me know....
  10. Base Speed only takes LWL (effective), Displ and SA into account. Different versions of it lie (or used to) at the heart of OMR, MOCRA and Texel rating systems. Mine is an “old” version, current at the time I was designing my boat. Current version (BSpd) can be found here: http://www.multihulldynamics.com/news_article.asp?articleID=34 When using the formula, make sure you are comparing like for like, especially in terms of Displ and SA. If you are using rating data, some systems include a crew weight allowance (eg MOCRA and Texel) and others (eg OMR) don’t, but are regatta specific f
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