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  1. On a slightly different note... My TriRaid 560s (Team ACE) is for sale to someone more worthy than me. Just getting too friggin' old for such a small boat. Listed here: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/boa/d/ridgefield-triraid-560s-trimaran/7334831674.html
  2. Registration is closed by now. Not too many people listed as registered...
  3. My entry was added about 3 days after I paid. More worried that there will not be enough people and then they cancel it. But then, I can get my $550 back and just cruise the islands at my leisure. a.k.a Team ACE
  4. Daniel asked that people send him an e-mail and he will follow up with the individuals. Looks like it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Where is that cry emoticon when you need it.
  6. Too early to get close to other people. The curve is still rising. Maybe in a few months' time...
  7. I have some friends on Bella Bella working at the hospital with the Heiltsuk people. They have been totally isolated since around the beginning of march - not even mail. As it should be. Fortunately e-mail still works and can not spread illnesses. I have a deep appreciation for what "western" illnesses can do to people who have not been associated with any in the past. Whole tribes can be wiped out and had been. We can not let that happen. We are all a little edgy at the moment due to the virus, economy and what the future holds. I really appreciate your passion protecting the area.
  8. I do get it. The R2AK race would have started the beginning of June and I doubt it that it will be postponed due to the logistics and uncertainty. IF and a very big IF conditions are such that sailing the inside passage is feasible later in the year - open borders, no threat from viruses, weather conditions and a probably a myriad other factors, then such an adventure I suggested could be feasible for those that just have to do it and can not wait for another year. No one in their right mind, or with any amount of respect for their fellow human beings will be party to irresponsi
  9. If it gets canceled, may be a few intrepid sailors will just by sheer accident start at about the same time from the same location and sail in the same direction with the same destination in mind. Not a race, but I am sure that they will all be very interested in who arrived at the destination first. They may want to carry a motor, but will not use it. If anyone wants to go outside in a Hobie TI, it is up to them to dig their own grave. Maybe they will wait for each other at places like Campbell River, Port Hardy, Shearwater, Prince Rupert, and maybe not? Maybe only people with boats smal
  10. I spoke with someone who cancelled. He requested that fees be applied towards next year. Interesting predicament... NWMC probably are using fees towards some preparation for this year. So, at what stage do they break even and say that they need to preserve the fees either for paying back or put in the bank for next year.
  11. That is the responsible thing to do. Timing is not right. I would hate to be responsible for killing off a whole tribe due to my selfishness. Does not mean that an unofficial race could be done at some stage...
  12. With a mere 2 months left and Covid-19 cases still increasing over the USA, I have great doubts that this event will take place this year. Although social distancing can be practiced during the sailing part of the event, there are just too many other compulsory events. Anyone who has been in Port Townsend or Victoria harbor prior years will know how crowded it gets on the docks. Doubt also that the Canadians will open the borders by that time and the USA are not issuing any new passports at the moment. Noticed Daniel is not keeping social distances, so we may not even have a RaceBoss
  13. Ah, makes sense. Touching soil with your anchor or touching a vessel carrying the foreign flag - that is that country's soul. Interesting. Thanks! That deserves an up vote to help you reduce the down votes
  14. Yip, we are talking crossing a border in the seas, but surely there is not a coastie standing at that line in the water to look at our papers? Immigration and customs is only called once you land your foot on terra firma. I understand that we will sail in Canadian territorial waters, but does that mean we are crossing a border? ... but then I am not a lawyer or immigration expert.
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