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  1. Tillerman, I think I'm just going to try and raise enough money to get the cheapest one I can. How much would a really cheap one be?
  2. Good news, guys! I finally, FINALLY decided on a boat. A Waszp! With the smallist rig, my weight is enough to sail it, it's fast, can "sort of" carry a second person, and it FOILS! I just wanted to ask where I can find a good, cheap Waszp.
  3. Also, why does it seem like I'm trolling?
  4. Thank you Eddie and Tillerman with providing some real, helpful answers instead of just calling me an annoying troll and hating.
  5. What about the Laser Pico? Or the RS Quba?
  6. I just thought of this. Wouldn't a Tasar or Laser 2 be perfect? There are cheap used ones, they are pretty fast, and they aren't that hard to sail.
  7. Wait a sec, how am is my weight perfect for that boat?
  8. Mike, can you show me a picture? And where can I find it?
  9. I'm sorry, but the TF10 is HUGE!! How would I cartop or trailer that? Launching would be hard enough.
  10. Thanks, I'll start looking for a RS Feva.
  11. My dream boat right now is either a VX Evo or a 29er. The problem is that there are no cheap secondhand VX Evo's and 29er's are a tad expensive.
  12. Now Now, Rasputin. Read Carefully. SCIENCE fiction SCIENCE fiction.
  13. Rasputin, I'm really sorry if I seem like a troll to you. I assure you that I really want to buy a dinghy. I really didn't have 7K to spend on a Moth, and I was just asking. Sorry.
  14. Okay, to help you guys, I'm going to provide a bit of sailing background and physical information. I am eleven, going on twelve, and I weigh 78.4 pounds, (35 kilograms). My sailing experience started in Opti bathtubs, then went to Club 420s. That is what I am sailing right now. I am inexperienced in trapezing, but have done it a couple times. I frequently sail during the summer and infrequently other times. I am looking for a fast, fun boat that I can sail on weekends and during the summer that will not rip my budget to pieces, so it should be less than 2, hopefully 1.5K. I am fine with doing
  15. Still though, where can I find used boats near me? And are I14's fast?
  16. Also, does anyone know where I can get used boats in my area? I live on Long Island.
  17. Okay, I've officially made up my mind. Unless I find a really good deal on a beach catamaran, I want a REALLY fast monohull dinghy. Also, Doug, I'm fine with replacing the sails on a boat. I need to spread the cost of a boat out, so I might buy a cheap boat with a good hull but trash sails, then buy new sails once I've saved up enough. Thanks guys! (And I'm sorry if I'm annoying you guys)
  18. What about a used 29er, or other skiff-type?
  19. I am looking for a cheap, but REALLY fast dinghy. I am on a tight-strung budget, so the boat probably would have to be less than 1.5k, and I am looking for a second-hand boat. The boat needs to be able to carry two people, and it needs to be solid and with no leaks. I am fine with doing some repairs or TLC on the boat, but nothing like a major overhaul. Thanks in advance!
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