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  1. I've had my Seascape 24 for 3 years now and really love it. It is certainly not as sporty as a Melges 24 or J70, but it is a really comfortable, stable and easy to sail boat. It is in and out of the water easily and not really that difficult to raise or lower the mast by yourself if you have the A frame hoist. It's certainly more expensive than some of the other options others have listed, but I don't regret the purchase at all.
  2. I finally got the Racegeek hooked up on my Seascape 24. I still need to figure some things out, but on its first trip tonight, it was nice. Real easy to read and responsive. There were a couple of things that didn't seem to work right, but I think it is more of an issue of getting it set up correctly. I plugged it in for the first time about 10 minutes before we left the dock.
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