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  1. Thanks very much for all the suggestions! Yeah tool with a handle was first priority, for the hands. Definitely expecting to have to re-tighten in the future so looking for something secure but not a total bear to redo.
  2. Hello, replacing trampoline on 38 foot Cat. New netting is polyester and lacing with 1/8" amsteel, hole spacing is ~ 6" apart. I am doing separate lines on each side. The sides and rear of net attaches to flange in deck, forward end attaches to stainless sail track cars. I am also going to do independent attachments at each corner for redundancy. I brummel spliced eye loops in line and then "luggage tagged" them to the net to start with continuous lacing along each side. I know recommendations are for every 3-4 attachment points to be independent but honestly even with the line not s
  3. Did you end up looking at the boat? I have a CSK polycon, currently undergoing refit. PM me for more info. Also check out Rudy Choy's book Catamarans Offshore and and Buddy Ebsen's book Polynesian Concept for some historical perspective.
  4. Look at Trogear.com. They make nice but very pricey A frame carbon sprits. They sell mounting hardware and have good pictures for ideas rigging the sprit.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. Very happy to pay for design on this, given my lack of expertise and how critical the rudders are. Any suggestions on who? I have not had much luck in with the people I have approached so far.... Ok trying to post pictures again... Not sure whats wrong, I see them when logged in on the thread but not there when I'm not logged in...
  6. Hello, I have been scouring the forums for info on rudders and have come up with a lot of great stuff. My questions are mostly about the best/most efficient way for me to make new rudders using what I have. I am refitting a 1975 CSK Polycon cat and need to make new rudders. Old ones were trashed and are gone but I have paper tracing of the original shape. They are transom hung with tillers and crossbar. I would like them to kick and want to use existing stainless steel mounting hardware with modification as necessary. I would hold them down with sacrificial dowels. No sure w
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