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  1. No reason. I’ll put one on. Thanks for the feedback
  2. Hello Anarchists! I am probably going to regret this post but here goes anyway. I purchased a 1987 C&C 35 MKIII this past May in Honolulu and single handed it back to San Diego. It was a fantastic trip, difficult at times with some gear failure and getting use to the boat. Really loved the Hydrovane which saved my bacon as the cheesy wheel pilot gave out on the first day. One thing that I really didn't like was the cabin top traveler. It was just too far away from the helm singlehanded. I have rigged a Walder Boom Brake a little forward of mid boom and run the lines forward, through a
  3. Just an update: I ended up buying a 1986 C&C 35 MK-III in Honolulu last May and single handed her back to San Diego. Took 31 days. Encountered to good blows in the 35-45 knott range with the first one lasting 3 days. While it was a challenging trip it was amazing at the same time. I love the boat and am getting her ready for extended cruising in 2022. Since I've been back I took her down to Islas San Benitos for some spearfishing and also out to San Clemente Island. I still look at every Olson 40 that comes on the market but I'm sticking with my current boat. While she is small she is stur
  4. carcrash, where will you be sailing/cruising your O40? Would you ever contemplate taking her around Cape Horn. Thanks!
  5. Just an update: I have swung from the O40 to a Norseman 447 and back O40 again having not found the "middle ground" that I like yet (with the exception of the Saga 43 or 40). I'm probably going to pull the trigger on the O40 soon and I'll just have to experiment with how much weight I can put on it with overly compromising its sailing abilities. Like I said in my original post, I'll be using her for the next couple of years to sail locally from San Diego to the Channel Islands, Coronados, and Guadalupe Island as prep for a Transpac when I retire in 2021. After that and if I can figure away to
  6. Hi Carcrash. Thanks for your post. I have every post the pertains to Olson 40s and had come across your post about your wife getting the boat for your birthday. I guess somebody already asked if she has a sister I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger on the 040 that's available. I'm probably going to be sailing by myself with my wife joining me a a few months out of the year in different ports. I love to surf and spearfish so I have to bring that gear with me. But I don't have big needs. I'm fine with a lap top for entertainment. I do think I'll need a windlass, albeit a small one.
  7. So I guess I can determine that the responders consensus is that the Olson 40 will not make a good fast cruising bluewater vessel. Probably should have kept my Bowman 57. I do like the Saga 43 and 40, but they are just a little beyond my budget for now.
  8. Daddle, great list. Even with your paired down list it is still a lot of stuff to put on an O40. Maybe I'll go back to the drawing board as far as boat selection goes. Either that or change my goals.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, good points all. I'll need to do some serious thinking for sure.
  10. 6 total crew at 150lbs each equals 750lbs. I'll still may have have to lighten the load as daddle suggests. My boards maybe weigh 25lbs total and fit nicely into the bow. I could do without the dive tank although I've always had one on my boat if needed to unstick an anchor. Dingy and motor can definitely be smaller. I could go with 30' chain. I could increase solar and cut battery size. I'm thinking that positioning and balance of gear is going to be more important than total weight if the weight is not more than a crew of 6. Why do I want this boat for cruising? I still think it is goi
  11. 3 surfboards, two spearguns, one dive tank, 60' chain and 250' of rode, 22kg bruce. Need to add water maker, solar, 2 4D AGMs and 1 100amp AGM for start, 9' inflatable, 9hourse outboard, some clothes, food for 30 days, tools, a few other basics. Hopefully that won't be too much.
  12. I am seriously considering an 1984 Olson 40 as my next boat. In the past I've sailed on smaller production boats and I owned Roger Swanson's Cloud Nine, a Bowman 57', for 3 years. I've done some significant offshore adventures on Cloud Nine and I sailed her single handed from San Diego to Monterey Bay. I discovered on Cloud Nine that I really love single handed sailing. I sold her due to not being able to convince my wife to sell the house and sail the world with me. I am now looking for a boat for myself that is bluewater capable and that will be fast, single handable, and within in my b
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