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  1. I'm following this project with interest. I would love to get rid out of my gasoline outboard, electric power is just not economically feaible for me yet. Regarding forward/aft trim, couldn't you have gone for double batteries, with one batteri under starboard and one under port settee?
  2. Well, I just found out that they're building a new boat, the JPK 39: http://www.jpk.fr/?mode=actualites I wonder what the cut out in the bow is for?
  3. Totally agreed. I love the interior plan as well as all that natural light from the 3 topside windows as well as the big forward and side windows in the cabintop, which make it bright below, and therefore family and cruising friendly. Reviewing the video, as I've watched it before, I again wondered why they've felt in necessary to speed up some parts of the video where they're planing. The boat is fast enough as it is, there's no need to exaggerate. I've never sailed with an aft traveler, is there a reason it isn't common on boats outside of JPK, Pogos, Sun Fasts and the like?
  4. Agreed, quite a bit more could be done for the presenting sponsors for the individual teams.
  5. The day this picture was taken I had 4 good, logical, reasons.
  6. That's for when you do a stoppie, also known as an American Magic bear away.
  7. Agreed, do we really need to run 3 x navigation screens, icebox and freezer? As well as washing machine, dishwasher, A/C etc. YMMV
  8. You just broke SA no. 1 rule in your first post.
  9. Dubarry Ultimas "Extrafit", the "Extrafits" are a wider version of their boots, that's what I use, and I have very wide feet.
  10. I've been wondering if we'll ever see any trickle down effect in the long term from the AC75's to more normal cruising yachts, or are the compromises in terms of keeping the weight down, the "need" for comfort and affordability too great? Do you see any chance of trickle down, and if so, what and why?
  11. I agree on your point regarding hull shapes. But I wouldn't put Elan in the same group with its hard chined VOR-inspired design by Humphries Yacht Design. The others appears to only be able to semi-plane/surf. Elan 350, now sold as Elan E4: Elan 400, now sold as Elan E5:
  12. IMHO the newer Elan's are in the sweet spot between a comfortable cruising boat and a fast boat off the wind.
  13. X-Yachts is danish, it even says so on the side of the cockpit coamings.
  14. 2 inches higher? Have you taken half the keel off?
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