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  1. It seems off because the cunningham appears to be absent in your picture as well :-)
  2. Is the mainsail tack not attached to anything?
  3. The spinnaker appears to fly very high on that picture. Is the pole at a 45 degree angle to the mast?
  4. Thanks, it's an Omega 30: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/omega-30-s Designed as a family racer/cruiser with SA/D > 20, big main and a self tacking jib. Not designed to any rating rule and fast on all points of sail, especially downwind because of its relatively flat bottom. Proper wooden interior with standing height (185 cm / 6'1") and sleeps 5 or 6. I'm really happy about it as you can hear :-)
  5. That's a well thought out rig for a fast cruiser, with the mid boom sheeting and a self tacking jib for easy tacking into narrow fjords or estuaries, as well as the genoa for punching through old waves or reaching. Very nice lines as well. Unfortunately I'm not on personal terms with Ron Holland, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy, so here's a gratuitous picture of my new-to-me Ron Holland designed boat.
  6. Sure, if it doesn't work for the client, then it doesn't work for the client. Going slightly off topic, if somone really wanted an aft traveller and outboard (double) rudders, then I think Elan had a quite neat solution on their 210. And for projecting, who's projecting here? My comment wasn't aimed at you, I know you have an open mind, I've read your design reviews. Btw. please send my best regards to your friend Mr. Ron Holland and tell him that I really appreciate my new-to-me, Omega 30 (S), designed by him.
  7. I really like the way that the traveller is done on the Dehler 32, a boat which in concept is not that different to the discussed design. By the way, what is with you 'muricans using 'euro' as derogatory term? It's not really like you're known internationally as purveyors of fine taste
  8. I've recently upgraded from a H-boat size boat (International 806) to a bigger, twice as heavy boat, and it's a lot more work docking singlehanded between pilings in a heavy sidewind.
  9. Sidecar is on point with his post. Looking at DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute), no such data appears to be available. I guess I know why you're looking for the data from back then, but the only suggestion I have is to contact DMI.
  10. Not a bad idea, but you can't really use that system when you get back to the dock.
  11. Avance 33, Aphrodite 101 and BB10m are in no way similar, trust me.
  12. Just beautiful, BC, I'm still following this thread with interest. Do you store your anchor in your aft locker?
  13. We bought an Omega 30S a couple of months ago, new standing Seldén mast, boom, rig, blocks, new sails, new Yanmar, new folding propeller, new chartplotter, etc., etc., etc. A boat I guess you're familiar with as you're swedish. It's probably too cruisey for you taking your post into account, but if you follow @Boathavns advice, it's perfect :-)
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