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  1. I was thinking of the Hanstaiger X1 when I first saw it.
  2. I'll just repost my reply from the old thread then ;-) 1) Take off a couple of the lower hanks of the already hoisted sail, and hank on the new sail on the windward side. 2) Lead the new sheets back. Both headsails have their own continous sheet with a soft shackle in the middle. Tighten the lazy sheet. 3) Tack 4) Pull the old headsail down at lightspeed, taking the hanks off as it goes down, and transfer the halyard to the new sail and pull it up. The old headsail is now down on the deck to the windward side of the new headsail. 5) Fine-trim head
  3. What was wrong with your last topic on the same subject? Have a look at my post, the first reply to your thread.
  4. I'm in the exact same position as you, although looking at cheaper boats. My GF and I just missed out on a very well kept Hanse 301, and now we're looking at Dehler 29's How about the Dehler 32? Can also be had with a steering wheel.
  5. I know of one mad scientist who built one himself as well as space rockets, Peter Madsen. He was convicted a couple of years ago of murder, commited onboard his homebuilt submarine. From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Madsen
  6. Comparing a Lagoon 440 and Beneteau 36.7 on Sailboatdata, the Lagoon does have a 3,5 meter longer waterline length.
  7. I'm looking forward to your review, I remember the original thread by the inventor of Sailproof: https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/214903-need-your-help-crowdfunding-campaign-for-a-rugged-tablet-dedicated-to-sailors/&tab=comments#comment-7057758
  8. Holy non-existing sailtrim, lol. I've never seen a mainsail with that much draft. I realise it's a furling main, but I've never seen a mainsail with that much draft in the foot of the sail and what's with the untrimmed headsail? Lol again. I just went to their Instagram, and the text following the picture says everything.
  9. On all points of sail? I'm not too sure.
  10. Well, it says so on the mast support in the cockpit.
  11. This might be of interest to you: https://www.deckchute.com/
  12. Wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully it'll be a box rule like a revival of the classe 950? But please, not too much IRC typeforming.
  13. I just sent them the following:
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