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  1. Lots of good insight from Barrier, in addition to her delightful Christmas meal of guinea hen and four gras. As well as from Dee and from Nick Maloney. To race a sailboat solo in these conditions for this length of time is no easy feat. Nick talks about having to be brave and push out fear; Dee discusses the need for communication from others, and the benefit as well as the burden of contemporary communication (with the VG, for sponsors, tram members, sponsors, etc.) and there are myriad formats now: video/selfie, drones, internet, etc. and as she mentions the ability thanks to What’s App to
  2. Excellent spots, Hermann. Merry Christmas to you and to all of you here.
  3. "To read Conrad - and this is particularly true of The Secret Agent - is to find oneself while apparently making clear headway in fact with all all sails trimmed, beating hard against the wind." Will Self
  4. Thanks much for posting this Cite. The photographs by the RAF were superb. Most interesting was the the statement that, in addition to the threats (noted earlier BY ME IN ANOTHER THREAD DRIFT)to penguins nesting on shore South Georgia Island and the pelagic at sea that feed on the krill offshore with the A68 bottoming out , the iceberg is shedding off freshwater at the average melting rate of 2.5cm/day, and over the course will shed the equivalent of 12 times the outflow of the Thames. You must be living in an alternate universe. Goops, no, you live in France, al alternate fishing re
  5. This is an aberration. It's not usually like this over here in OA; only usually when unmentionable shows up. I briefly visited AC Anarchy earlier ; I forgot how ugly it is over there!
  6. Not a good year for Ineos in the sporting world. Despite having one of if not the largest budgets of any cycling team, it was hammered in the TDF.
  7. For the second time in an hour, I am astonished. Wow. As an aside, seeing the crowd watching the race on shore in Auckland was, from someone living in a place on lockdown and where masks and SD required in all public places in town, in the largest city in the State which has only 2 ICU beds available, was an alternate reality to see no masks, no SD. Long for those days....
  8. Not for the first time has Jack revealed something I had no idea existed: tuna wrangling. For someone intimately familiar with commercial fishing in some of the roughest seas in the world, as well as diving around sharks (not in a cage), this work truly is one of the most dangerous I have ever seen. I had to tear myself away from reading "godforsaken Sea" to watch the entire video but it was well worth it. Jaw dropping. I won't touch the subject of the sustainability of the blue fin tuna. But thanks, Jack, for once again expanding my world of knowledge. I would hope that the pens in addition
  9. Really guys? And here I have been, thinking this thread had gown up and the Newbies didn't engage in such misogyny. How naive of me!
  10. Best thing I’ve read in days.Many thanks fir all the quotes. Need to read the whole book.
  11. I found Nick Bice, whose voice and accent always make me smile, and Ryan’s conversation quite informative. Ryan in particular was pretty candid about was and wasn’t working in the VG race, and why, and a bit cagey about what he would design if given unlimited funds and discretion. Other thread drift: amusing talk about the just then cancelled STH.
  12. As someone who has been scuba diving for more than 40 years, virtually everywhere in the world, and has visited some pretty remote places, I have been witness to the destruction a boat anchor can do to the sea bottom, or a reef, and here, the sea floor, and the island itself, are apparently the only places where the earth's core exist above the surface of the earth itself, so, very unique, not to mention the living species unique to that island. Once the door to anchoring is opened, it's impossible to shut. Cocos Island is a good, sad example, I went there on a live aboard dive boat. It took
  13. I found the conversation with Ari Huessler particularly insightful. Ari said he is sailing much differently this edition: instead of being preoccupied with his competitors, he was a "sailor first, and a competitor second" and is happier and wiser. It was also enjoyable, and clearly a thrill for Ari, when he was patched in to have a direct live conversation with his friend from the former race, the aforesaid Rich Wilson, whom Ari wants to party with once the race is over.
  14. We have some remote islands out in the Aleutian chain that have similar non-native species including rats and foxes, which there have been efforts to eradicate if not reduce as the latter dine on bird eggs and the former spread disease. Interesting that Louis says in his statement that he hoped to avoid using his anchor but elsewhere it was translated to say he was prohibited from doing so, for stated reasons.
  15. I think Isabelle's "big stick" is a fly rod.
  16. Wow. Just wow. Just for that one day I would like to be Louis Burton.
  17. Yes it does. Clearly Hugo Boss has a chunk of change invested in AT-related clothing.
  18. I just find this really weird. Maybe because he's out of the race. But still...On the other hand, Roman did interior decorations in his boat to hawk a hotel sponsor, and there was a slight bit of "L'Occitane hand lotion - or just a picture of chapped hands and not a cosmetic store display on board!
  19. THe privatization of NOAA was being pushed by Trump's appointee to head the agency, who owned AccuWeather. That hasn't happened (either issue) and is unlikely to occur in the Biden administration as it was and is strongly opposed by unions.
  20. Thank you very much, Stief. How did you do that translation? I couldn't figure out how. Indeed. It would not only be a very high premium, but with a hefty deductible. "Possible recourse against studies or others..." Good luck with that, particularly given Kevin's own apparently very extensive involvement in the modifications and his expertise. While E5000,000 isn't chump change, the recent court case involving ATB is instructive.
  21. Is there an English translation available for this?
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