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  1. The boat will be in Long Beach for a week or so prior to TransPac so it needs to be local and fast.
  2. Who does the best job while being affordable for interior cushions SoCal? Asking for a friend.
  3. Click on the link. Use your mouse Scroll--->Zoom to go the buoy or buoy area you want. Left click on your mouse to obtain the most recent data. Information for a three day and 7 day window is also available.
  4. The worldwide buoy grid: https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/
  5. Last I heard it was in indoor storage in the Northeast.
  6. Predict Wind Pro and the NAM model for US waters. The NAM doesn't look out very far but has proven very accurate for me. Predict Wind has comparative model displays that are useful and easy to run.
  7. Summer Camp in Denmark. They had just gotten some hobie cats. I was 8 years old and I was hooked on sailing for life.
  8. No on the record. The overall record belongs to Tom Siebel’s Orion, an ORMA70 with a crew of eight, broke the record with a staggering elapsed time of 5:17:26. More information: Orion, the MOD70 based in the San Francisco Bay area and owned by Tom Siebel broke the fastest elapsed time record in the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race. Orion crossed the finish line with a time of 5:17:26, which demolishes the old record of 6:46:40, set by the late Steve Fossett on the yacht Stars and Stripes in 1998 by more than 1 hour and 29 minutes. Aszhou, a 63-foot Australian-built Reic
  9. That is great news. Hopefully the trends continue and there will be some sort of gathering allowed for trophies and wrap up dinner.
  10. Pretty much all of the boats with big shoes had a reasonably nice run. It is interesting to see how many turned and burned rather than staying for the party. The Tri on Wacket's heels for a good part of the race just way over stood on final approach and had the Todos Santos island and the salad bar on the north end in the way to the finish line. Otherwise I think they would have been much closer on corrected. Congratulations to Roy Pat, Steve Sellinger (Triumph), John Gallagher (Chim Chim), Douglas Baker (Peligroso, Corrected out on Pyewacket). You can watch the paint dry here for those
  11. The outside was "okay" this year but with the gradient collapse in Ensenada Bay overnight, it was near impossible to get "there" from anywhere.
  12. I am just impressed that they had 14 PFDs on board.
  13. It would actually be very easy for them to stream from the starting line boat and the finish line boat. A stationary cam connected to a hotspot in a wide angle format so no one would need to fiddle with it. Hiring Justin Edelman would be another nice step up for the marketing of the race. IMHO of course.
  14. To make matters worse, it was a Sea Trial for prospective new owners...
  15. A boat off Newport Harbor (California) started taking on water. They called for help. As they were being towed in things got worse and the passengers had to abandon ship. The name of the boat that sank? "Sink or Swim". Ironic.
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