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  1. Ineos is not a consumer brand so lets be honest....the only reason he is here is to win the cup using his own money. Prada at least can feel it is putting its brand name in front of a wealthy yachting crowd. But he would probably throw in something to help make it happen. But lets not forget.....he is primarily a competitor and when he met Ben, he decided the challenge of bringing back a cup that was lost 150 years ago and that probably needed $200-$300m over two cycles was his kind of challenge because realistically there is nobody else in the UK who can write those kind of checks.
  2. You put Ratcliffe in a difficult position. He admits he would love to see an AC hosted in the Solent (cant blame him for being honest about that) but emphasized that the location choice is up to NZ. Of course he is going to sponsor hosting the event in the UK and why should he do anything other than pay an entrance fee if it is hosted in NZ. He doesn't want to buy the cup, he wants to win it on the water....and that will not be easy because NZ are hard to beat. But if TNZ want a 1 vs 1 to keep more of the money for themselves and if NZ govt cant come up with money......ho
  3. He voted to leave....and then he left. Nothing wrong with that
  4. I am afraid that this is misinformation. Jim Ratcliffe made his money building a company called Ineos. Ineos principal business is commodity chemicals and not fracking. The reputation as "frackers" was gained because Ineos applied for some exploration permits to discover if there was unconventional shale oil or gas onshore UK. It was tiny compared to the size of Ineos...and anyway the permits were denied. Ineos has not made any money from fracking. They did acquire a 10 year deal for an enormous offshore windfarm. Jim is a calculated risk taker. He put $1.5m into his first company an
  5. It was a better game than e sailing with emphasis on tactics , playing shifts, pressure and traffic management.....+ the rules were WS rules but slightly tweaked for the reality that online throws up some unique situations. Really good game. Loved getting the bow down at the start for the keelboats and blasting off the line, of getting the skiifs planing and avoiding the wind shadows. Amando really invested a portion of his life in that game.
  6. Yes. Agreed. Italians will watch it and probably get behind Jimmy in the absence of Cecco.
  7. Good summary. Combination of a pool of knowledge + good management + good choices + team culture + good talent pool of sailors and unafraid to to make promotions/changes+ sprinkling of good fortune that these things come together at the right time. The shift to foiling happened at a perfect time for NZ....admittedly they were part of the catalyst for that.
  8. It would be great to have an Italian team but as someone else pointed out, the funding for an Italian team probably is not there due to past history. It would also be great if either the Danish, French, Spanish did well enough such that their sponsors contemplated an AC challenge. Anyone know why the Chinese are not there this year , Phil Robertson previous;ly helmed a Chinese team and now helming a Spanish team. Good news that they net gained to team bringing up to 8 boats. + Spain, Denmark, NZ - China
  9. Lewsi does not make many mistakes. He also congratulates the team on every win. Sliding off the pit lane in the 2007 Chinese grand prix still hurts Lewis to this day. He would have been an 8 time world champion if he had managed to turn the corner on the pit lane. He merely needed to collect 1 or 2 points from the penultimate grand prix. Then to compound it by a poor start in Brazil and finishing 7th from 2nd place in the grid . Losing the world championship by 1 point after being 12 points in the lead going into China....in an age where 1st only got 10 points. It hurts
  10. Im not disagreeing with your thesis that Ineos needs to step up management. I second those who think that Ian Percy might be a good choice. So we are not really going back and forth. I am merely pointing out that there is some grey rather than black and white. I doubt that Grant was terrible. He might even have been good. Based on his track record and how heavily recruited he was for the last 3 cups.....there must be a skill set that people who worked with him observed. However, "good" or even "very good" does not win the AC. It takes "exceptional" . Ineos has some "exceptional"
  11. Looking at the schedule, it does not look like they are going back to NYC (I agree the racing was awful). The US stop on the tour is San Francisco. https://sailgp.com/about/2021/ Christchurch is an interesting choice to go to South Island vs Auckland NI. It is a very spread out schedule. I dont think they have attracted much sponsorship thus far. They need to make it a bit more newsworthy which means they need to introduce some controversy.
  12. Yes but don't let his political donations spoil your enjoyment of some good sailboat racing. He has donated to both sides of the aisle...I think LE most cares about LE and making sure he has political clout... but he does love sailboat racing so its good to see some of his largesse going to something fun vs politics.
  13. Obviously an April Fools joke .... There is no tangible sign of a dispute between RYS and RNZYS. Ineos has left choice of location to NZ . If there was a dispute , this would not be the resolution.
  14. We dont know the precise details of how the come back worked in 2013. We can objectively observe the following: Oracle knew that NZ was foiling well before the AC. Its not like Spitbull or Couuts suddenly said, "Oh we've got to start foiling" The surprise to Oracle (and the other challengers) was that New Zealand were partial foiling upwind. Slingsby was the first to alert Coutts that this was going to be a problem. But that was prior to the start of the Final series. The boat's performance and tactical decisions improved when Ben replaced John. Jimmy and Russell h
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