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  1. PS.......racing PHRF, I would still tend to go with 3 people. Although the boat is easily handled by 2 people, in order to sail to your rating in a breeze more than 8-10 you will want the weight. The moment 2 people are hiking, any additional breeze and you have to depower (easy to do but you are depowering)
  2. A motor bracket can be installed on the transom (there are bolt holes on the aft deck) and the motor tippd up for racing. Other altrantives I have seen include building a recess in deck floor and storing under foredeck on side opposite the spinnaker bag, Coolers go in the side lockers which are spacious. Depending where you are.......I have an older boat which I could sell.
  3. I dont think a trolley could sustain the weight and it would be very hard to move. I think he worries unnecessarily about fairing the keel. Lead is easy to work. That will be the least of his problems. So on the question of build new keel vs add to existing keel. It will need to be an enormous mold. Melting the existing keel is a very big undertaking. He will need a massive new pig , even if he pours in sections. If he does build a new keel, he might want to think about shape and weight. He is adding a lot of weight to TH. Heavier timbers, bigger mast and much heavier keel. I
  4. Tough one on the keel. He normally discusses his plans with experienced people in the field and I would have thought he would have bounced his plans off people who cast lead keels the traditional way and gotten some input. As the video was playing, I was wondering why they had not extended the mold around the entire keel as they were pouring because it occurred to me that the molten lead would melt to some extent the existing keel and distort it. I did not think it would melt a hole in the existing lead and thus pour out on the ground. If he sticks with Plan A to add to the existin
  5. I would agree that you are speed compromised at 8 knots and above upwind and very fast downwind if you are 300 lbs. The point we would both make is that the boat can be handled by two people and the boat can be depowered to remain manageable as the breeze picks up. Peter has been sailing a lot more than me of late. But my depowering checklist would be 1. Tighten uppers a lot. The degree depends on breeze 2. Tighten lowers (this helps reduce head-stay sag) without unduly reducing prebend. 3. Have chocks tight in front of mask I tend not to tighten headstay....
  6. I used to race my Viper 640 double handed every Wednesday evening. Our combined weight was 315 lbs. We could handle most breeze. The Viper is very easy to sail double handed. The spinnaker halyard /take down is a single line. It retrieves down a throat in the bow. The upwind sails can be depowered due to a carbon rig. In breeze you will want to put a lot of tension on the uppers (42 on loos gauge if you are 2 up) to create a lot of prebend and very flat main , lots of vang and vang sheet easing main to keep boat flat and fast. Lets be clear, you will not be competitive upwind in
  7. William Butler Yeats wrote "The Second Coming" during the 1918-1919 flu epidemic. His pregnant wife Georgie Hyde-Lees caught the virus and was very close to death. While his wife was convalescing, he wrote the poem. It also reflects on the end of the war but his words at the time of the pandemic ring true now as they did then Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is dro
  8. Wess I respect you. I really do. I know you urged your parents to get vaccinated. You yourself may have got vaccinated. You are right. I dont know. Where we part company is this sense that I believe you can be both self reliant and have a sense of community. That we can be both risk takers in our personal lives without compromising the risk of others. That we can both take care of ourselves and share a sense of responsibility to the community (not government but community). If somebody does something good for you...it is on them......and when you do something good for othe
  9. Wess, I would not put it in the same terms as Clew but you have to admit that those who are vaccinated feel they are giving a free ride to those who are not. In this way: The odds of you getting covid are significantly reduced by the fact that 2/3rds of the population around you are getting vaccinated. If you dont get covid, it is almost certainly due to the reduced spread created by the vaccine. If you do get covid, and inevitably give it to somebody else, it will be because you exercised you choice not to get vaccinated. The reason that the folks who got vaccinated, young an
  10. AZ is irrelevant for US at the moment because AFAIK it has not been approved by FDA for EUA. So we cant get it and its not the reason for any vaccine discrepancies. The very few people I know who are not vaccinated are those who are fearful of as yet unknown side effects. They range from one online correspondent who has done a lot of research to the vast majority who cannot articulate their fear but read "something somewhere" and come from a background that doesnt trust government. I note that sadly this is particularly true among African Americans, who have some cause not to trust autho
  11. Shingles vaccine is highly recommended by doctors in this area. I have not looked at it closely.
  12. He was very much assisted by the fine work of Theophilus Thompson who wrote the seminal work "Annals of Influenza or Epidemic Catarrhal Fever in Great Britain from 1510 to 1837" published in 1852. Another piece of research that Im sure Kate has perused According to our burial records and also historical literature , we had flu epidemics in 1558 1675 1792 - This was well reported at the time, but there was also a sever flu epidemic in 1729 which is less famous. 1837 1918
  13. I remember Hope-Simpson quite well . We studied his theories when I was an English schoolboy. He had the interesting theory that influenza was not transmitted from people sick with the flu to others. He argued that the virus was latent and asymptomatic in a body of people and that when the environment arose, they would all become ill in different places simultaneously and infect other people. He was a charming English eccentric doctor and we were looking at his research methods. He came to his conclusions by going back and studying Parish burial records. The Brits (I am one) love to go
  14. The same with my son's school, George Washington University. All students have to be vaccinated. But its not a problem, he and all of his friends and college room mates are already vaccinated. Despite the grumbling by some on these forums , most college kids want to be vaccinated. They are not making any political statement, my son's friends include Republicans and Democrats. They understand the vaccine trial results and want to be safe and have a safe campus with social activities and sports without masks.
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