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  1. Do you remember Dennis Connor heading off towards the spectator fleet in 83, although not at 45 mph.
  2. Actually the light gray zone is the area in which a boat tacking away from the boundary has the right to do so without regard to position relative to the wind or which tack they are on. As a result you cannot force your opponent to violate the boundary. The bright gray is the actual boundary which if you cross it you are assessed a penalty.
  3. My understanding for that particular foul was giving up a specified number of meters, not falling behind. Was I incorrect on that?
  4. I'm curious what everyone thinks. The pressure is weak, but better here on the left if the commentators are to be believed. They have a 1900+ meter lead. Every tack is a huge risk of falling off the foils. Why not just sail out to the lay line, take a 100m penalty, and make a single tack to the gate, rather than risk having to make two tacks?
  5. Well, we've had a pass. It appears that LR cannot sail with NZ from behind. Any time NZ gets ahead they just sail away from LR.
  6. While AM was fast, I think it was a difficult boat to sail and maneuver, every time I saw a shot of Barker he looked stressed to max, like he was totally uncomfortable and barely holding on. However, LR seems to be very easy to sail, I think LR would have beaten AM on that alone.
  7. Well, I would assume the umpires have the latitude to account for that. But I believe the penalty is that you fall back 50 meters behind the other boat. So it doesn't matter how far ahead you are when you cross if you have to fall back a set distance behind the other boat.
  8. It's the same reason they do not have penalty turns any more. These boats are so fast that if you make a boat turn around and re-cross the line the race would effectively be over, so a single penalty would pretty much decide the race. So instead of having a boat that crossed early go back and re-cross the line there is a requirement to fall back a specific distance, but if both boats are over early there is no point in falling back, so the penalties just offset.
  9. Imagine the kid is standing there with a Jimmy Spithill poster in hand goin "Dad please, Dad please, Dad please". That $100 NZD hat starts to sound pretty good. So you grab the hat and say "What about this nice hat instead?"
  10. It's just about the money. For LR it's about the money they spent to get here and the fact that they are on the verge of winning, the longer the delay the more time INEOS has to improve. For ACE it is also the money. They have boxes and boxes of merch that they are waiting to sell. They will pull in much more cash with unfettered crowds attending the event. So, as always it's about the money.
  11. Luna Rosa want's to race now, I can understand that. They have a lead and an apparent advantage boatwise. The longer racing is delayed, the more time INEOS has to improve their boat and make that leap that puts them ahead of LR. LR has spent a bit of money to get where they are at this moment. I can see why they are choosing to stick to the rules as written.
  12. Seems to me the biggest loss for American Magic is the loss of additional development time, I expect they'll get back on the water. Instead of spending their time tweaking and testing the changes, getting more speed and/or more stability in maneuvers, they are rebuilding a broken boat. Meanwhile, the other teams are focused solely on improvements to their boats, strategies, and techniques. I expect Luna Rossa and Ineos to continue making incremental improvements. AM may well add some new stuff they had in the pipeline while they're in the shed, but they will not have a l
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