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  1. Pluton-thanks for the pic, doesn't look that much different from when I originally rigged the boat. ML only sold bare hulls, so the rest was up to the buyer to rig it. A lot of time spent out in a garage with no doors (since replaced). Have fun!
  2. I was the original owner of #6666! It was my second Lindsay and the 11th Mark made, from the last group of Parker hulls. (I also owned Mark's first 505 (US 6246). It was Mark's suggestion to have the jib tack aft, but still be a bag boat (no launcher). It was a great boat when I owned it. Good luck with it-Barry K
  3. Gouv- Swiss Watch Technical in Lititz (?) Pa used to (20 plus years ago). We (Afterguard Marine) used to import them. If you find someone, let me know, I have two of them upstairs in my dresser drawer, neither have worked for 20 years. Thanks- Barry-- Watch is the Aquastar Regate
  4. So which singlehanded boat is more affordable than an ILCA to race? Cape Cod Frosty!!!
  5. VWAP- I have 2 or 3 Pattison 2 baggers and I think one 4 bagger in my garage, unfortunately it is the vest only, no water bags. (We used to call them waterbabies>) KK
  6. Well that was a clue, but still not enough! I'm sure once I know I will be kicking myself in the ass hard for taking so long to figure it out. Funny thing was I was out to dinner with M Loeb tonight, and when I told him about your comment about me owning the 14, he said "YOU owned a 14??" He must have never noticed it in the garage. Obviously my memory is more spotty----you gotta give me more!!
  7. fastyacht-yeah I did, but unless you were in my backyard, you probably would not have known! I borrowed it from Ed Burch in Essex, sailed it once, bought it, brought it home, stripped it to refit, and that was it. I sold it for what I paid for it (under $500), and got back more garage space for 505s. So, the big question is...who the hell are you??? You obviously know me, but I have no idea who you are, how about a clue? Barry Fairey was the first builder, and I believe Westell later moved on to Honnor Marine. Honnors were so awful that when I was looking to purchase my first 505 i
  8. Doug, back right hand corner of the picture above!. I am wondering if this was done at the Fairey Marine shop, where John Westell designed Int 14s that lead to the Coronet that ultimately lead to the 505. Fairey Aviation was part of the production team for the Mosquito, a wood UK bomber during WWII. Along the way they developed the autoclave (the oven) and vacuum bagging. After the war, they figured the molded ply routine would work great for small sailboats, formed the Marine side, and built a ton of early planning hulled dinghies. Fun to see the earlier techniques, and how they d
  9. Isn't that the way I sail the UFO???
  10. Be thankful Wess is on his odyssey trip, otherwise he would have commented "There is no sympathy for the devil" (sorry Mick and Keith)
  11. A LOT of people would have started off with an argument. Many would have found that just talking it over gets a much better, and quicker response, as well as leaving with a much better piece of mind. I was a pharmacist for 40 plus years, you learned quickly to work things out nicely whenever possible. However, it didn't always work. Funny though, how many times the person came back or called to apologize for getting out of hand. Accepting their apology, and telling them not to worry about went a long way in keeping a customer. Not saying you should not stick up for yourself, but definit
  12. First off, it is on the way, and that is all that matters. Like getting a UPS package and tracking says one day, and it show up another. The important thing is you will have for the following weekend to sail! Be thankful, when I got my first Parker 505 (3194) from England in 1969, they had promised delivery in 6 months (around mid May). The boat, in a wood crate (pre-container days), arrived at the docks in NYC in mid September, lost the whole summer of sailing. So, a couple of days one way or the other is NOT a big deal. Send pics when you get it, and enjoy your new toy.
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