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  1. Oh and heres the pic I was trying to find for GT yesterday... I swear this fractional chute was a good bit quicker than any masthead in big breeze. Still hit this 19 knot terminal velolcity wall... just gets there with less stress.
  2. Ah its not too bad... all the Magic 25's have the same thing which is designed for regular service. The through deck bolts come out, then all the protrusions like the gauge and pump lever screw off or have pins that can be knocked out then slide the whole thing up and out. Take it to Trevor from fleet-hydrol and let him do his thing, then back in it goes and top off with some fluid that will have invariably leaked out as you screwed everything back in place. Then when its all working brilliantly why not try 2500psi for added stiffness.
  3. Breeze now seems to be forecast to fade unfortunately... they have their work cut out. Meanwhile the Milon cant stop wont stop... crossed the line and just kept sailing north.
  4. Cant say I disagree now that Ive stared at the numbers side by side for a while based on the headline numbers of 4800kg disp, 80sqm upwind and Kristian saying its downwind area is actually 150sqm (not the 180 on the website). Most of the other First 36 numbers in my table are just guesses, or in the case of ballast, optimistic. To give it more a a chance to sailing closer to its rating I think you'd have to dramatically reduce the upwind area... those 80sqm are expensive. Also, I wonder what the Pogo 36 really weighs given there are a couple of ORC certs with it up over 4200kg.
  5. Isnt that comparing apples with pears? (assuming youre saying the numbers Kristian quoted will also move?) Surely to be competitive the First36 will need to live near the 1080, 3600 and 112...
  6. ideally from 1.040 to 1.041 but in reality 1.050 to 1.051 given how much sail its designed to carry?
  7. Thanks Kristian! Speedy and detailed... sounds like a pretty good cost/performance compromise for the overall rudder system.
  8. Its all about the little details! Are you able to tell us what rudder bearings were chosen?
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