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  1. Dan, do you know how pure the hydrogen is at your welding gas supplier? Fuel cells need at least 99,97% purity, but the most important things is that there’s no sulfur nor CO or the concentration is very low.
  2. At 400 W it takes 5.2l of hydrogen per minute
  3. Clarity is very nice. I personally like Hyundai Nexo a lot - never driven though. Then again, retail price in California is almost double that of Clarity, starting from $60k. In France one dude just managed 778km (483 miles) in one tank with his Nexo. I agree with your point, unless there's hydrogen supply, it won't work. But we are working on that and luckily there are big gas companies that are interested in selling hydrogen. It is a long process to develop the network, but first steps have been taken ;)
  4. Fuel cells are being deployed in ships, trains, trucks, forklifts etc these days. Amazon for one is using fuel cell based forklifts. As for this particular generator, it is in beta testing now and it will be in the wild in June. Yeah, .5 hp doesn't sound much, but if you're a competitive sailor, 400 W is more than needed. Racing yachts are happy with this, leisure boats will obviously need more power
  5. Methanol is extremely toxic and emits CO2, hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table and in case of a leak, in an open area there will be very little if any danger as the hydrogen diffuses into the atmosphere rapidly. You're right, many regions do not have open access to hydrogen, but that is changing as hydrogen is making way to our everyday lives - cars, buses, trains, heavy duty trucks and even homes will be heated by hydrogen in the UK maybe. Max charging power per day is 800 Ah. It is designed to replace any additional batteries on-board.
  6. Hey guys! We have been working 1,5 years on a hydrogen fuel cell electric generator, which would be perfect for maritime market. It is lightweight, quiet and since it works on hydrogen, emits nothing but water. Not to mention that there are no moving parts, therefore the generator is maintenance free! Maybe you'd be so helpful to share your thoughts on the product, would it satisfy your needs, do you see any problems with it, etc. Would you see it as part of your gear? Also, what alternatives are you currently using, heavy batteries, wind generators? More information and pictu
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