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  1. Yeah at that angle with a loaded up pole it is not easy to get the inboard end up, been there done that it’s a bitch. Same with the halyard not all the way up, before our refit last year we had out halyard slip down about 5 feet (bit of pucker factor as a bowman onboard as i thought “great this will be fun to pull out of the water”). Had to crank on the winch for quite a bit of time to get it up all the way.
  2. I’d bet that’s just marks left from lifting straps.
  3. Here are some pictures of “abracadabra” US42250. An IOR 50 from way back. It’s now named “Chewbacca” and sails out of Bayfield, WI. I’ve done quite a bit of inshore and offshore racing onboard the boat. Including several Macs, trans superior race etc. excuse the picture quality of the cockpit, it was taken at night and it’s the only picture i have facing forward in the boat.
  4. Hi all, this thread is filled with awesome people that seem very helpful. I’ll be down at Lakewood yacht club this weekend for high school doublehand nationals. Flying down Friday from Minnesota and hope to see some UFOs down there. I’d love to see some foiling as foilers are scarce in Minnesota lakes due to the weeds.
  5. My only real question is where is an 11 year old gonna come up with $1500
  6. I think I saw an ac50 on the market for a good price
  7. People have been saying laser 2 the whole time you troll. I’m serious though about sailing 420 and opti
  8. 18 foot skiff, my buddy In Connecticut is selling his for $1,000. Fits perfect on any car and easy to launch
  9. You know I thought about it a lot. I changed my mind. I’d look into a Tf10 superfoiler, quick multihull and perfect for your weight. My friend is selling his for $1,000.
  10. Idk I just see an overly ambitious “11 but nearly 12” year old kid.
  11. Alright, I have read through the threads including your request for help with buying a new boat. I am 17 and live in Minnesota and have been sailing for most of my life. I consider myself a skilled crew in dinghies, cats, keel boats and even bigger offshore boats. I sail c420 and have been racing them for a number of years as well as racing f18 infusions (cats) at a highly competitive level. I see your ambition and drive to purchase a boat but I’d suggest you step back and look over your situation. You live in New York which has plenty of resources when it comes to producing high quality sailo
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