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  1. Yes this sounds like AM is history and S+S will attempt to fill the void? Not a positive development for us USA fans. Who gets AMs boats and gear? WetHog
  2. BB said on Shirley Robertson’s podcast that it was pretty evident that AM was the fastest challenger. ENTZ would have won against AM regardless. WetHog
  3. So much for ETNZ saving the Cup from what evil Larry Ellison did to it. If anything Dalts and his crew have embraced Uncle Larry’s vision. Shocking. WetHog
  4. Anybody still racing VR? I’ve been doing just about every race since the Vendee ended but without perks to save up credits. Following Mom’s advice. It’s been fun accept for Tara and that Nordstream business. The current Med race with only 2 nav markers is tough but the open ocean stuff has been enjoyable. Just checking in. WetHog
  5. Checking in to see if there is any news on AC37 and I see this. I guess not. WetHog
  6. The purchase of a second deep fryer was a nice touch. Good fun. WetHog
  7. From that video, “it feels like the NYYC will come back”. Still some wiggle room in that quote. I hope they come back for my sake. I just dropped $30 on another AM hat and it will make it easier to absorb my wife’s wrath when she finds out. WetHog
  8. AC28 - Royal Perth YC AC29 - Challenger of Record Committee(?) First I’ve heard of this. AC 30 - NYYC Cupinfo has a chart listing all of the CORs and who was the final challenger per cycle going back to 1970. http://www.cupinfo.com/en/americas-cup-brief-history-challenger-of-record-01.php WetHog
  9. Don’t sweat it. That’s how some act on here. They don’t like you challenging them in a discussion so they call you out for not being an expert even though they are not an expert themselves. WetHog
  10. Sure thing Clean. How is that Grant Dalton interview coming along? WetHog
  11. It’s a Kiwi sportsmanship thing, right? WetHog
  12. Have you argued before the NYSC? I haven’t been keeping up on every topic in this thread so I may have missed you saying that you have. WetHog
  13. They will have standing enough that the NYSC would listen to their complaint if they file one. Whether their complaint has merit is another matter. And by lodging a complaint that could open the door to other “matters” before the NYSC. Like the demand to use the AC75 in future Cup cycles. WetHog
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