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  1. What about where they stored the mothballed aircraft carriers 10 or so years ago? WetHog
  2. Their boats have always been beautiful but the crew kit used for AC34 is a black mark. Anyway, my comment was more aimed at the man himself. WetHog
  3. A compelling argument can be made the most exciting moment of AC36 was an AC75 launching out of the water and then sinking. WetHog
  4. CNEV was my issue. Not sure I looked upon LE and RC as white knights but that was 10 years ago. Emotions were high on here. Oracle Team USA with the Australian twang coming from the boat was the beginning of the end for me. Bermuda was just the final nail in the coffin. WetHog
  5. It was fun on here during AC32, IMO. Not so much when the court crap started. So believing CNEV was a sham COR was drinking the kool-aid? Interesting. WetHog
  6. That is certainly debatable. WetHog
  7. For-skin doesn’t bother me. He is small potatoes compared to some of the folk on here back when I first found this forum during AC32. Indio was a real chest thumper leading up to the AC32 Cup match, Marian knew how to needle very well (especially old Gus), Hastings with his constant Kiwi babble and then the worst was that tool bag who pretended to be an Indian. I’m sure I am forgetting others. This forum was fun back then. I used to post daily on here. Shit, every minute when it was really contentious on here during the court crap. Things stopped being an obsession for me when OR ch
  8. Is this a serious question? If the Kiwi’s can go full blown Larry Ellison what makes you think the Italians won’t? WetHog
  9. To the Kiwi’s on here who aren’t afraid to get a shot, get ready. The anti-vax shenanigans will only get dumber. Try your best to ignore them. It will really piss them off. WetHog
  10. Great? Not sure about that. Factual error, typos and it reads like a press release. Bummer that NYYC isn't going to challenge again but its not a surprise. Their participation seemed suspect when they split from AM and teamed up with the phantom S&S team. WetHog
  11. I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. Does this article provide a good update on the current status of the AC? WetHog
  12. I still can’t get over the fact that GD and his crew are actually shopping the rights to host a Kiwi Cup defense. How ironical. WetHog
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