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  1. There is a U20 One Design fleet around Point Richmond. They seem happy with their boats, and are well shielded from the slot by Angel Island.
  2. Have you considered publishing all of the 60 second clips to TikTok and other more meme-oriented video sites?
  3. There is a much simpler way for Canadians to balance their budget: https://www.businessinsider.com/canadas-cost-to-support-the-royal-family-in-2015-2016-9
  4. Here it is popped out of it's scrolling jail: https://jsailingnews.blogspot.com/
  5. It might be sufficient to create a charter business around the yacht and then just charter it to yourself.
  6. Politicians: cutting taxes and making sweetheart loans available to move more minimum wage jobs into their districts Also politicians: adding populist taxes to luxury toys that employ highly skilled workers
  7. Turbo West Wright Potter.
  8. The Olympics are an excuse to put in a bunch of stadium infrastructure. Regattas require a race committee at the start and finish line and not much else. The real problem is that sailing isn't expensive enough. The solution is to build an international sailing circuit that is more fun for competitors and more profitable to operate than the Olympics. The top level events draw in the elite of the elite, but local feeder events should be tiered so that anyone can compete at some level. Alternately, figure out how to "require" some ludicrously expensive regatta infrastructure so that lo
  9. The Granada Bridge, Broadway Bridge and Port Orange Causeway all have 65' of clearance.
  10. Google Earth is a great tool for this kind of research. Runs best in Chrome and loves a big GPU.
  11. This is what happens when you hire 3d artists from gaming to turn your CAD models into product renderings.
  12. Adjusting for inflation, tax bullets so they cost $50k each. Exemptions could be made for shooting ranges and in association with hunting licenses. Probably 90% of would-be shooters will get engrossed in hobby production of home cast lead bullets and never get around to actually shooting anyone up.
  13. I think we are in complete agreement, just possibly stumbling over words. DE/DM is an unknown variable that we need to solve for. CERN and Fermi produce data in volumes that push the state of the art of IT, and that's on top of the data reduction that occurs within the instruments themselves.
  14. Others hypothesized that the universe might be expanding before Hubble, but Hubble confirmed that expansion was in fact happening by analyzing the Doppler effect on star light. Dark matter and dark energy are sort of like Krakens. We see evidence of strange physics, but we lack the full story.
  15. They need to put together a package deal where vaccination-visa-travel is arranged and a small villa booked for six months in, say Bali. Boat is delivered to a local marina / mooring just before your flight arrives. You sail your boat back to the factory for shipment before you return home. Kind of like European Delivery for your Porsche.
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