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  1. The set designer is clearly a sailor and made the TV boat look as bad as possible so he would look better when he took first dates out on his boat. This will backfire when non-sailing spouses/partners insist on leaving the fenders out because that's how it is supposed to be done.
  2. Labor is expensive in some parts of the world.
  3. Geriatric, but not actually rock despite the title. From 1967 to the Futurama theme song:
  4. You would probably have to negotiate down to a race around Catalina and back to OC/LA/SD. But the proposal to race to Hawaii might generate some buzz.
  5. A 2011 documentary on Prime Video (Free if memeber): https://www.amazon.com/Azorian-Raising-K-129-Michael-White/dp/B008QTU7QY
  6. Getting back to the original topic: What about an Olympic race from LA to Hawaii in Seascape First 27s, or even 24s?
  7. My point above is that this is exactly backwards. If you live someplace that was colonized by the English, you may have great local dinghy facilities. Otherwise, it's probably cheaper and easier to fund one or two $300k keelboats than a whole dinghy training facility. Recruiting for offshore mixed doubles among the developing world's youthful elites would be easy: simply drop a business card on every Porsche parked in an internationally ranked Engineering college, and you are done.
  8. The cost equation probably depends heavily on existing facilities. IF you happen to live in a region that already has great recreational sailing facilities, then dinghy sailing is certainly cheaper than any kind of keelboat racing. BUT if you only have commercial docks, then one of the mixed doubles boats would probably be easier to work with and train on. In other words, on the margins of the sport you have a choice between probably a $300k boat (with punitive import taxes taken into account) which can live in a cradle on the wharf or you can put in a multi-million dollar Olymp
  9. With vaccine resistance increasing with new variants, no amount of vaccination of Olympic athletes and support crew is enough.
  10. The only appropriate place to host the Plague Olympics is Battleship Island
  11. Get your dozen wealthiest friends to commit to buying a fleet of six and then give UBC a call?
  12. > "Known to be a great light air racer." Perfect if you want to kick a lot of Catalina butt in midwinters I guess?
  13. Should have been Fifty Shades of J/24.
  14. I hope they don't kill off the swing keel.
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