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  1. Until recently, anti-nuke has meant pro coal and oil, and these idiots seem to have been at it from day one. My substantive comment to them is to shut up and go home before they do any more damage.
  2. These are the kind of people who give a bad name to environmentalists, hippies and sailors, all at once.
  3. Get the three worst SC27s you can find. Restore and sail one. When you get bored, restore and sail the second. And then the third. Less work and more sailing than restoring an SC50.
  4. I was also referring to professionals / academics. 20 years ago, image stacking was national labs level research, but now you can do it with consumer gear. It is unfortunate that there are astronomers who are still doing long exposures, but they will be able to do a lot more astronomy when they upgrade their equipment to support stacking.
  5. Starlink is a non-issue for serious visible light astronomers. Backyard astrophotographers with an old Canon AE-1s will certainly see streaks on their negatives. But everyone else is moving to photo stacking. Not only can you detect transient streaks and eliminate them in pre-processing, but there are algorithms that can mitigate atmospheric distortion. Any prosumer camera that can shoot 4K video without too much compression can do the job.
  6. apophenia


  7. The double mutant (B.1.617) has been identified in multiple locations in the USA already. We should have slammed the doors shut on travel from India immediately, but the doors are open until the 4th and after that US citizens and permanent residents can still return. So the USA will be exporting vaccine-resistant double mutants to the rest of the world alongside India this summer. It is somewhat counterintuitive, but vaccinated people should not be hanging out with potentially infected people without masks. While the vaccines will protect you from COVID, exposure to infected people create
  8. Some people find that Aerons cut off circulation just above the knees. The Chadwick chair is the lesser known but more comfortable successor to the Aeron. Last I checked, new prices were similar, but used prices for Chadwick were much lower. With all the tech companies cancelling leases in SF and Silicon Valley, there should be a massive glut of ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks and other extremely comfortable office gear.
  9. Someone needs to take Mr. Ostefield on a downwind, overnight double handed Moore 24 trip.
  10. I can see pros as a positive - if people are hiring professionals to get the last bit of performance out of their boat, it should be easy to recruit experienced amateur crew that want a chance at a very technical boat. If the performance groove is so narrow that you need professionals to have fun, these boats will have a limited but dedicated following. If they have a wide enough performance groove that weekend amateurs can have fun then it could be very popular. The other question is whether a healthy circuit of regattas will appear if the Olympics fail to materialize.
  11. Looks like Beneteau is building a configuration tool. If you set the language to "English - EN" in the upper right corner, you can build First SEs and outboard motorboats. If you pick "English (America) - US" then you only get the motorboats. But if you start with English - EN and after selecting the First 27SE you select English (America) - US, you get the US options and prices. UK First 27 SE Configurator US First 27 SE Configurator The main difference is that the UK config lets you pick the Performance Configuration ("Ideal for Regattas") for €96,738 (Just under USD120k)
  12. The cockpit locker/seats (circled in red). It’s probably good they are glassed in, but it would be nice if you could bolt them onto the SE when in cruise mode. Either way, both boats seem like a lot of fun.
  13. Are the padded locker seats bolted in place or otherwise removable on the First 27?
  14. There is a U20 One Design fleet around Point Richmond. They seem happy with their boats, and are well shielded from the slot by Angel Island.
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