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  1. That's when you pitch the Class 40 derived one design fleet for the annual Facebook Race to Hawaii.
  2. FB’s motto is/was Move Fast and Break things, so cross sheeting on a SC27 seems like the right strategy here. Maybe blow up some spinnakers at the slot too?
  3. I'd guess that it is a rental, and he will end up with a SunFast or a big Alerion soon if he intends to sail in the SF Bay. The list of software guys who are known for sailing is extensive, but I can't think of any that are well known from the FAANG generation.
  4. Setting asides thoughts about Facebook-the-company, I'm glad to see Mark getting out on a J/80. There is an absolutely staggering amount of money in the greater Bay Area in the hands of people only a decade or so into their career. A surprising number of my engineering peers have a substantial amount of sailing experience but haven't taken the time to think about sailing in SF. I'm confident that a skilled sales person could sell a dozen SunFast 3300s to non-managerial FB employees and create an amazing bay and offshore series. Or Moore 33s, or whatever Jim Antrim is currently dreaming up
  5. My first regatta was in upstate New York. The nice thing about snow is that it shows you exactly where the wind is going.
  6. Chicago is a much better fit for our requirements and looks like a great sailing venue. Long term we would like to live somewhere tropical, but COVID has pushed those plans back 5-10 years. Miami seems like it would be fun to visit, but good to return home from.
  7. What are you using for marine-safe enclosures for the Pi4?
  8. PG&E and the California regulators failed to do their job before, during and after. I mentioned Enron mainly to place the event in time. The boat I crew on lives in the harbor by GGYC and my boat is over in Brickyard. I love the sailing community and sailing in the SF Bay, it's just the everything else about the area. Maybe the Admiral and I have just aged out of sketchy cities and are ready for something a little more chill. Sanitation needs to improve significantly before I'd willingly set foot on BART again. My larger concern is that the power problems are likely a bellweth
  9. We had one of those, but the other half was in a front-end / rear-end freeway sandwich in it and walked away with minor discomfort and a ton of freeway driving PTSD. The replacement is a little more thirsty, but I suspect that on the green side it's a wash compared to the mass of heavy metals a Prius hauls around all the time.
  10. We aren't moving away from combustion in California - quite the opposite. A combination of shutting down nuclear plants and an utter failure to maintain out power grid for the last 20 years after Enron fucked it up are major contributing factors. Earlier this year, businesses were given the OK to run their backup diesel generators during brownouts. A vast drain on the power grid is an electric vehicle. So if you drive a Tesla or a Bolt in CA, you will be forcing someone else to burn dirty oil - not clean carbon neutral biodiesel, and not petrodiesel run through the finest German pollution redu
  11. Are they? Or are they great liveaboard / aquatic shag pads?
  12. Have you scoped out the local chandleries and boat yards, to get an idea of which parts are readily available and which will be harder to source?
  13. I was thinking about this from the perspective of receiving a random package, but it occurs to me that the situation might be different with regard to what are effectively stolen goods.
  14. eBay is your friend. People spend boat bucks on cosmetics and fashion items, and there are active communities that seek out and trade items that are generally rare or just hard to get locally.
  15. There are cruisers with stubby fixed keels and either a centerboard or a daggerboard. The intent is to be able to get in and out of shallow harbors and anchorages while still retaining some pointing ability upwind. Plenty of high performance race boats with swing keels also have port & starboard daggerboards to reduce leeway. I don't follow the high end boats very closely, but I'd guess that if daggerboards don't help they wouldn't use them.
  16. I've been wondering if the First 36 is the new 3700/3800/3900, particularly given the note that interior area should be comparable to a First 40.1. If not, then Beneteau Group must see a lot of market opportunity in the fast-yet-somewhat-cruisy mid 30s space. Given the Seascape legacy, I expect a boat that actually delivers on the promise of the Santa Cruz 37 and can handily beat a J/125 on handicap. Even the non-SE edition Firsts seem to be crazy powered up.
  17. More here: https://seascape-edition.com/news/first-36-the-ultimate-balance-9007
  18. Yachts & flowers just aren't selling like they used to: https://ccfc.org/ [sorry]
  19. The best time to buy a boat in CA is within 30 seconds of it being posted to Craigslist. The SF J/Boats dealer has a bunch of cool boats in your size range in their brokerage listings right now. Based on what I'm seeing now vs a year ago, people are moving out of > 35' boats that need a big crew and into smaller boats that can be raced double handed or even solo.
  20. A device that emits a 5hz saw wave for one second every five minutes and has four or five heavily amped outputs for long cable runs to the piezeo transducers could be a viable low-harm bird deterrent device. Or it could literally scare the shit out of them.
  21. With a 2 MHz ADC you should be able to catch the cross section reflections down to 1/8". With some DSP math you can probably detect weak early reflections from shrouds as well as other termination types. Assume the material is always going to be 316 stainless (or give the user an option to indicate Dyneema, etc.) it should be possible to arrive at a fairly good guess at the mass.
  22. Reverse that - prototype it on the ARM based NTS-1, then once the code works port it to the smallest AVR that your code will fit on. Then your COGS will be close to the Loos gauge itself. (case and packaging will be more expensive than the semiconductors involved)
  23. A tuner is the wrong device for this exercise. To do it right, I suspect you would need a pair of piezo trandsucers, one operating as a signal generator the other as a signal receiver. They should be separated by a fixed distance which takes into consideration the sampling rate of the DACs and ADCs involved as well as the speed of sound in stainless steel. If you send an impulse into the shrouds and then measure the resulting waveform at the other end you should be able to get a good estimate for tension. Once that is working reliably, it's probably possible to simplify the entire apparatus in
  24. Now I'm wondering if I could use a Korg tuner to adjust my shrouds. Could it be more accurate than a Loos gauge?
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