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  1. Deacon Jones #75 Defensive End LA Rams, SD Chargers, Washington Redskins 12/9/38 - 6/3/2013
  2. Short skirts…long legs. Still a winner!
  3. Those hot pants got me in trouble! Was sent home from work (CPA firm, all males except me) to change clothes. Fun times!
  4. To your question: No, she should not be allowed to provide health care. She’s too ignorant.
  5. This is so true. Who can say they’ve not experienced LBF&R? And sailing, the fortunate few, compared to the world’s population. This!
  6. This is wrong. It devalues the Iwo Jima statue and those who gave their lives in that battle. If Romney wishes to honor AOC in this manner, give her a separate statue/plaque.
  7. Zdogg is great! Been listening to him for years. (worked in healthcare for years and being a constant reader of my topic, he became a natural for me)
  8. The Marcus-Nelson Murders, 1973 (how do you remember this trivia?) Miranda Rights were created in 1966 as a result of the United States Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona.
  9. Antigravity butter cat! Just Ingenious .
  10. Not biased at all. It dissipates with age and maturity. And takes the right person to bring it out again.
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