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  1. A lot of the trickle down discussed here I don't see as really related to the AC75. Improvements in build techniques and materials are always happening anyway, and I don't see any steps that have been the result of the AC75. Rotating rigs have been around for years. Twin skin mainsails are not new. They have been used on windsurfers for decades and have been banned in most classes for decades due to the extra costs and complexity. The appendage arrangement means that these are big dinghies that can always capsize, so safety regulations and basic requirements for cruising boats and insurance st
  2. Looking at the keel head in the video, it looks like smaller attachments than the VO70s. I get a bit of Rambler 100 déjà vu here.
  3. Struggle to believe it will be better built than Comanche, and likely more compromises as a Swan. As noted when comparing Rambler 88 to the 100s, diminishing returns when you get to a certain size. My money would still be on Comanche in most offshore conditions. And to me both paint job and general appearance ain’t pretty!
  4. Like when we found that orange bow behind a container in Singapore.
  5. Easiest way to tell is listen to what they say. If they say “come here and suck auntie’s cock” it’s not your uncle.
  6. As you say yourself “effect on the lives of billions”. A lot negative, but also a lot positive. But influence for sure. we are all entitled to our view. I feel we should respect a man who went to war for his country and served his Queen without complaint to his dying day.
  7. Spot a civilisation in history that hasn’t done all this. We all live on land that belonged to someone else before, who was forcefully removed. Doesn’t mean we should ignore, forget or denounce all of human history.
  8. They are a huge part of our history. I find it pathetic that some people can’t see beyond the sparkly palaces and see what they bring to the country in terms of tourism, etc. Britain would likely be a back water in history if not for the Royal family. I am proud to be British and swing proud to have our royals is part of that. I also have German, French and Italian heritage and am proud to be European. RIP HRH
  9. 20th - At 0530 hours Force A 1 was 100 miles west of Crete covering the light forces working inshore. At 0800 hours the German airborne attack on Crete began. From their position the ships of Force A 1 could see the Ju 52 transports and the DFS 230A gliders carrying the German first wave of assault forces to attack Maleme airfield. At 2200 hours IMPERIAL and KIMBERLEY detached to join Force D. 21st - At 0530 hours Force A 1 was in approximate position 35-42N, 22-12E, 60 miles west of the Antikythira Strait steaming east to RV with Force D. At 0800 west of th
  10. And as a midshipman on HMS Valiant at that time, you find him responsible for sufficient to be so disrespectful? shame he saved your mum
  11. I’m guessing it must have been after meeting you.
  12. Those here glad to see HRH passing should consider that before he became the Duke of Edinburgh he served in the Royal Navy during WWII onboard ships defending against the Nazi. Whatever your personal opinions on monarchy, whether your monarchy or others, have some respect for a WWII veteran.
  13. RIP. He served his country and the extended Commonwealth until his dying day. Never complained about it and just got on with it. As a British citizen I will mourn his passing with respect. Clearly too difficult for some ignorant idiots to achieve on this thread.
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