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  1. You can do Dynarigs with top sections that can be lowered, although not as easy. One advantage of dynarigs though is that they don’t need backstays and long booms that get in the way of helipads. I know of a far sexier, similar sized boat that will be moving from drawing board to build very soon. Probably about half the displacement of Bezos thing and genuinely sailable- probably!
  2. Maybe Dan Benasconi coming from F1 and being given the freedom to write the class rules was the problem. He created a sailing version of F1. I don’t take the blame from the defender for creating a crazy expensive class. They have to completely own that. But INEOS have to be scaring others off and pushing the price of entry even higher!
  3. The extra complexity of yachts over car racing is that you are not only dealing with fluid dynamics, but fluid dynamics of two very different fluids, and the interaction between them, as well as between them and the platform. The increase in complexity is significant, and not to be taken lightly. The scary thing here is that with all this brain power and the funds to use it, the cost of entering the AC has just gone up a notch as GD is trying to get it down. Needs major changes or where ever it happens, it won't have many challengers, will have a defender full of excuses, and the F1 guys
  4. Scarecrow, I know that all aerospace companies have been reducing the need for high temperature and pressure builds in recent years, to try and cut costs and be more environmentally friendly. So I suspect that they will not need autoclaving. Also, they say using second hand Airbus carbon, not necessarily prepreg carbon, just the fibres, not the resins.
  5. Yes, the crew are clearly learning the boat. But also, for three of the four days the racing was under 8 knots.
  6. The guys on Comanche are clearly learning about the boat. Mix of old and new crew with the boat captain helming, as owner has no experience and they get a 1% penalty added for this as well. The boat definitely isn’t sailing to her potential. But then again, not optimised for this type of racing in these conditions.
  7. Random, I only arch’s up well after your repeated incorrect opinions about those in the industry and their motivations. Which could not be further from the truth. Take it from someone who knows the industry well. No one here in Porto Cervo is here just for the money. If you don’t love the sport at this level, you don’t last 5 minutes, as no one else likes to sail with you
  8. You missed my point. No one gets into the yacht racing world for the money. It is only ever a slim hope of making a living within your passion. anyone who gets into it expecting to become wealthy from it is generally too dumb to succeed. So what is it that you do for a living, if not my expected career, and did you get into that for love or money? Just interested where your bitterness to those that made their passion their career comes from.
  9. Hey Random, what do you do fir a living? do you enjoy it? I work in the yacht racing industry and have done for over 30 years now. Still love it and wouldn’t have changed my career choice for the World. Although I never realised it was a career choice until I was about 10 years in. still love the sport as I did back when I started. Never realised that you could make a career out of it back then. Just did it because I loved it. I’m sure that sucking cock started for you as a hobby, and suspect that after 30 years the money has left a bitter taste in your mouth. Sailin
  10. The trough for the furling lines with the removable cover also creates a nice longitudinal stiffener. So a nice structural win as well.
  11. Yeah….. rather agree with Stephen Fry right now
  12. All rating systems rate the potential performance of the yacht, not the crew. It is the nature of the beast. If you want to include crew ability, use a handicap rule. Also interesting that many assume that the closer the results, the more accurate the system. This assumes everyone is equally well prepared and capable. Just look front to back in a one design fleet. They don’t all finish together, so don’t expect the corrected results in a rating system to be any closer. But g to he beat sailed boats should win. looking at ORC results in Europe, remember that all the top boats will hav
  13. If they are all the same, they don't have to be right.
  14. That is where my money would be if a windy Middle Sea Race
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