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  1. Now that’s an idea !
  2. It’s set in concrete man ! So why wouldn’t you
  3. Yes , looks like steel but no rust so must be concrete over chicken coop . price is on the bow ….10k
  4. Shit man ! Can I enter one of those in the trans-pac ? That would take arm chair sailing to another level
  5. I’d like to thank these two gents for ignoring the big boat design rules of the times . They gave us plumb bows , flared topsides , open transoms , reverse sheer, bulb keels and long flat runs aft decides before they became the norm elsewhere . My favourite thing in life is to fang down wind on the plane with my mates and sometimes my wife too ! Jim young’s “rockets”and Greg Elliotts “party pro”
  6. ^^^^ Great summary of the Southern Hemisphere sportsboat genre ( Australia , New Zealand , South Africa )
  7. One possible way of doing it on an A sail boat would be to quickly soak off some speed and gybe into a round up on the other tack with the kite plastered to the jib (if it’s up) …messy as hell and a bit of work for the foredeck to sort . But while the carnage is being cleared it gives the MOB a chance to start swimming toward boat if feasible . otherwise I would soak off speed and do a windward drop and round up as it’s happening .
  8. Fairly fresh and bumpy in this very early vid
  9. What would tattoo say instead of “da plane da plane” ? “da Figaro da Figaro !” Or “ da sunfast da sunfast” or “da dehler da dehler ! “ or “da JPK on da plane !”
  10. Welcome to fantasy island , I’m mr Roarke
  11. I like the metal scanner in the cockpit
  12. https://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/One Tonner/00 TU Born.htm
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