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  1. Same happens in the Volvo race etc but mostly with musto
  2. Good one Good one mate and good luck !
  3. Very ....there’s more than stingers in the water up there . Big separation from his boat too in that amount of time
  4. This one ...not quite as radical but an ultimate 30 all the same
  5. Great to be getting some “meat in the sandwhich” in this thread at last . The story is fleshing out somewhat and certain cryptic dots are aligning on the cryptogram . Still trying to work out who greasy Al is and why 8 hands has gone to multi hull thread to talk about winches
  6. I saw an 18” skiff with leopard brewery logos in the mid 90s...rotting away in a back yard in Devonport NZ (New Zealand) . It had a varnished ply transom with kitchen funnels on bungies to self drain the cockpit
  7. Shit man that’s heavy marketing ...what a bunch of nipples
  8. Serious length of thread to hold the sucker in
  9. Farkin...he definitely 8 his passion if only the RQYS threads were this short and sweet
  10. Fark that’s cool ! There was a front page thing a few months back where a couple of dudes flush decked a U30 and put a keel on it ....looked very nice
  11. Na watch the slo mo ....the following boat shoved the ass of the other boat around causing the T bone ...they were going to run down the side of the trawler I reckon
  12. Yep there is a point around 12-15 knots where it’s starting to be too much . There are two boats I race with that have large square tops for light days and moderate top for heavier days . The larger squaretops on those boats are about 1.6 metres from luff to leech I think and the smaller ones 900 mm . Boats are 7 metre and 6.5 metre Elliotts
  13. You can have the bud light and the processed feedlot beef , I will have the top quality ice chest
  14. They would run outta gas way before they sunk
  15. Zonker needs to describe what’s going on here , it’s a bit funky for my software to digest
  16. It’s Planing up the back but displacing up the front . One screwed up boat or some good shopping going on
  17. This is going the same way as the couple of RQYS threads ...feckin cryptic , long winded , legal arse covering and every bugger is weighing in.
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