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  1. Ex Machina


    And the dart can go through a few more lives with future turbo mods
  2. You may have seen wild thing on tardme ? It has an articulating prod and a bobstay … I have no idea how they keep the tension on though . https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3073722547?bof=YJRQ7uPo
  3. Clever way of increasing boat length without taking a rating hit ?
  4. Why not ask the previous owner ?
  5. Not sure if you guys can get durepox in the states ? That shit is rock solid and comes in normal clear and extreme clear
  6. Mate ! I worked for a billionaire who silently sponsored TNZs tenders one cycle and bought the biggest carbon spar ever made at the time from southern spars and his sails from norths to support the TNZ sponsors …he also roped Matteo into the fold and another major corporate sponsor that lasted 20 years . I think to this day only a handful of people know who he is and his contribution to TNZ , and he is from far away in the NH
  7. Funny you should say that . I read the quote “deuce ex machina” in an article on.one about something and promptly named the boat ex machina . found out about the movie just recently and yeah watched it on the Flix . Very thought provoking and great storyline …just hope my boat doesn’t lock me up and throw the key away
  8. Will never forget Larry Ellison parking his stinkpot next to us …sprayed the whole side of our boat with salt from his jet units …skipper sheepishly brought us two dozen beers as an apology ….Larry was shooting hoops on the aft deck all the while
  9. Does it predict the flight trajectory of chairs ?
  10. Apparently the rig is an old Mt gay 30 rig
  11. Rodger martin “ Caribbean 33” is almost exactly that . Very cool boat https://www.rodgermartindesign.com/portfolio/772/
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