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  1. GRW, What will be your strategy for dealing with the lower boom while you are rowing? Also, when you are sailing, where do you stow the oars?
  2. Anybody have any info on the UFD by the US sailor in race 2?
  3. Dave, I've got two questions for you; any idea on the time frame for the backcountry model and how about a west coast dealer? Thanks!
  4. Very happy with the AeroSouth rudder I installed on my Zuma. The boat is more responsive and easier to sail!, very nice upgrade. I would say the weather helm has been reduced by at least 40-50%. I haven't sailed enough with the new rudder to say boat speed has improved measurably but my enjoyment sure has! The rudder is designed for a Sunfish but had no issues with installation on my Zuma. More info can be found here: https://aerosouth.net/sunfish-fs-rudder.
  5. Dave, Thanks for sharing your journey! So rare to find this level of transparency these days. Hope you achieve orbit soon!
  6. Anybody had this boat delivered to them yet? Keenly interested in getting reports on it!
  7. I'm looking for an assist to get my Zuma (with dolly) on top of my Mazda CX5. Anybody use the Yakima Long Arm? Seems like the best option for this. https://yakima.com/products/longarm?_ga=2.135500535.795921391.1618962049-833343085.1615169266
  8. I'm a newbie dingy sailor who would like to add righting lines to my Zuma. I know probably not needed, but like the idea of something to hang on to when I go for a swim (seem to be doing a lot of at this point). My question is how to install these? My first thought was to add fairleads under the gunwale. But I'm not sure about drilling into the hull. : . This looks like a more attractive option. Anybody know what these adhesive pads are?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions fastyacht. I'll look at see if modifying the trailer is a job I could take on Ncik. Appreciate the help for a dingy newb!
  10. I've seen pictures of this setup but my trailer doesn't accommodate a dolly like that I'm afraid. It just has angled pads for the boat and no strips for the dolly.
  11. Just purchased a new to me Zuma with a trailer. The boat will be stored on the trailer and I'll be transferring to dolly to launch at the marina. Any tips on an easy transfer from trailer to dolly and back?
  12. Just bought a used Zuma and looking forward to sailing in Richardson Bay . Looking for others who want to bash about this fine body of water in small boats. Anybody interested?
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