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  1. If there was a sense of urgency brought on my the virus being inn the community, then millions more would have already had the jab. Complacency created by the unrealistic notion that we have "Beaten the virus" has caused millions of AZ shots to have not been used.
  2. It does sound like need should have two sailing bodies here. One for the "elite" olympic/international classes and a second who's focus is on the club sailors. But one organisation who can focus on both without resorting to detrimental policies impacting one group to inflate numbers to gain better funding for the other group, would be best.
  3. So says Professor Meli..... We are 18 months into the pandemic, 6+ months into a vaccine rollout and they only have one tool to deal with covid, the "hammer of denial".
  4. Consensus LOL The answer depends on whether you believe in the magical money tree and are happy for people to suffer from depression and it's consequences, because they are going bankrupt, losing the family home because their business is bleeding cash, or casual workers cant afford their rent. Those people are happy to shut down the economy waiting for the vaccine rates to reach 80% or so. With no Covid in the community people will lose the urgency to get the vax again. AZ supplies will be exported because no one will take the minuscule risk that it has been tarnished with. The wack-
  5. Little wonder McClown panics if another state has a slight cough. He's trying to prevent is incompetence being found out. The description of WA's hospitals reminds me of Sweden. Darth should ask his lover why he has let the hospital system sink to a sad state. Blaming the previous government is not a valid excuse for a premier in his 2nd term (or is it more?)
  6. You could put the photo of Dan, McClown, Anna, Gladys etc and it will just be as accurate.
  7. Mostly rubbish but with some merit. I did like some comments though Sydney is a madhouse. Queensland would most likely be the same, except even a virus finds Brisbane too ugly to spend too much time in. Adelaide too, but I think of it as a mock-Tudor English village filled with serial killers, rather than a city
  8. the 50,000 appeared like magic Stop desperately trying to find a conspiracy We probably got a delivery And no, this is not the 50,000, but DHL is part of the supply chain here. Really Meli, you need to get a life. I don't spend my days desperately looking for something to blame Dan for. I'm more than happy to wait for the headlines.
  9. I had an 80sqm Code 0 on a 40 foot Jeanneau with a Selden CX25 roller. Very easy to solo. Later I added a 125sqm North G3 and with Seldens topdown adapter, flew it off the CX25, also easy enough to solo. Both used the selden anti-torsion line.
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