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  1. BTW is there a summary of the "Prescriptions of Australian Sailing" added to the RRS? I'd be interested to know if they made any positive changes.
  2. What is there to stop a non-AS affiliated club from following the racing rules prescribed by WS.
  3. Early in Dutton's role as defence minister, I thought he was doing a surprisingly reasonable job. I guess it was never bound to last. Dutton warns of ‘next step’ if China invaded Taiwan https://www.theage.com.au/politics/federal/dutton-warns-of-next-step-if-china-invaded-taiwan-20211126-p59ckg.html Idiot...
  4. and yet you want 5 year old children to get vaccinated, even though they are not at risk from Delta; and you want the unvaccinated to have restricted access to services and lose their jobs. It's a shame that only you are allowed to take you chances.
  5. Fuck you guys are boring dreary fucks... When I saw this thread came alive I assumed Boris was getting mocked for his latest effort. But no, boring as fuck stuff.
  6. Thanks for your low-IQ answer... Anyone with half a brain would question if there will be long term side affects from the vaccines as they are all two new for anyone to be 100/% certain. Then you need to assess the risk of not being vaccinated. I felt more comfortable with Astra Zenica because it used a "tried and tested" approach to creating the vaccine and therefore have more faith that there will be no log term side-affects. I considered that various leaders unfairly demonised AZ and it should have been heavily promoted to all but the highest blood clot risk groups. G
  7. It's a fucking disgrace what happened to him. If he wants to believe in stupid stuff and preach it to stupid people, who should give a flying fuck. Boo hoo, we're all going to hell. The only reason he should have been booted would be if he brought his bible bashing ways to his work with a negative effect.
  8. ‘We need to get this right’: Overzealous application of vax rules to kids has to stop https://www.theage.com.au/national/we-need-to-get-this-right-overzealous-application-of-vax-rules-to-kids-has-to-stop-20211122-p59azi.html On Sunday night, one of us got a frantic call from their 13-year-old daughter. She went to the local pizza restaurant with three of her friends. On arrival, she was asked to show her vaccination certificate. The problem was she had dropped her phone on the way to the restaurant, the screen cracked, and it wasn’t working. She was not able to show her vaccine status
  9. ‘Kids have suffered enough’: Experts question rules excluding unvaccinated teens https://www.theage.com.au/national/kids-have-suffered-enough-experts-question-rules-excluding-unvaccinated-teens-20211125-p59bz6.html Prominent Australian paediatricians warn rules banning unvaccinated 12 to 15 year-olds in Victoria from attending public venues or social gatherings are not proportionate to the health threat they pose and risk causing further mental health harm among children. Exclusion rules for unvaccinated children in Victoria are the toughest in Australia, prohibiting them
  10. I have a nearly 5yo and it will be interesting to see if I need to upgrade
  11. What has that got to do with working for a religion based organisation? isn’t that what Scomos god-bother legislation is about? It’s certainly what I’m talking about. anyway, that sort of recruiting practice happens now. try getting a Cobol mainframe job at certain large organisations in Melbourne when you are a white Aussie. it’s annoying but they did me a favour.
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