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  1. You forget that Albo has a magic money tree and combined with leftist voodoo red magic, there will be no supply issues if he was in charge.
  2. Because morons like Albo and yourself would be complaining that he hasn’t stopped the roll out.
  3. I am. So whilst we are lucky here to have the ORCV, I won’t be getting to enjoy it.
  4. The same club that is seeing a big influx of 2h racers. luckily in Vic we are well prepared for AS’s RRS46 with the strong promotion of 2h by the ORCV and the addition of the 4+ AP all without the stupidity of the CYCA.
  5. I think AS are doing a good job. AS are inspiring the acceleration in the growth of short handed sailing and the sales of suitable boats. Jeanneau is selling so many 3300’s that the local dealer is updating his 911 to the turbo version. Whilst I had to pay more to get my 3200, the growth of 2h should keep its value high.
  6. The real rescue story https://www.facebook.com/100000376703000/posts/4014333611922489/?d=n
  7. We will deal with that then. It just goes to show how much of a troll easy is.
  8. SeaDek not Seadeck... I googled Seadeck and got this " Luxury On Water Seadeck is a floating oasis measuring 42 meters, handcrafted European super-yacht comprising 3 decks and 360-degree views on Sydney Harbour. Boasting curated cocktails, the latest playlists and impeccable service. Having sailed over 10,000 nautical miles to reach its home on King Street Wharf, Seadeck features luxurious lounge seating and bespoke furnishings sourced from high-end suppliers all over the world." This is the "handcrafted European super-yacht" LOL
  9. FWIW My 4 year old daughter is fully vaccinated with the mandatory vaccines and has also had one optional. There is no fucking way I'll be signing her up for a Covid vaccination. The unknown risks of the COVID vaccine way outweigh and risks she currently faces from covid. Her Grandparents have received their first jab. On this matter, you are way more of an idiot than Katie
  10. Do you realise that even if you are vaccinated you can still get infected by Covid. So an unvaccinated grand kid or a vaccinated parent can still kill Grandma, if she is not vaccinated. The vaccine if effective, will mean people will show milder or no symptoms when infected. Their antibodies will reduce the time they would be infectious. A vaccine is not a magical force field that protects you from getting infected. So Kate, whilst being a dick, is also correct. Tell Grandma to get vaccinated or stay locked in isolation
  11. Because you are a dumbarse who had already voted on March 10. :p
  12. Was it designed and built by the skippers father?
  13. I'm quite surprised by the Jeanneau 53 Coopers beer palace coming 4th atm.
  14. BJ could smash the record. It's a shame that it's too windy for for the drone.
  15. They mentioned that in the skippers briefing. Seemed to be something about getting some official motorboat out for the start.
  16. 38 boats entered https://app.sailsys.com.au/club/37/results/series/920/races/7677?handicap=5 Only one maxi, Black Jack. I thought Warro had his hairdresser boat up that way and was going to race. Who's going?
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