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  1. I think you're correct in saying you've mistaken him for someone else. I imagine you're referring to Arkea Paprec - they've found their man though and Yoann Richomme will take over the sponsorship (with a new boat) next year. Corum and Nico go way back, nothing will change here!
  2. Oh I’m happy! Lots of good stuff but I can’t shy away from the slightly more questionable elements of the protocol.
  3. While I agree with the sentiment it wasn’t a teams carbon footprint I was referring too, it was the pounds in the pocket. The hydrogen boats are just a way for ETNZ to pay some element of their costs…
  4. It’s interesting, I didn’t think it did. With weight reductions, less crew etc and further design for light airs it’s the Med/Middle East for me. Cork just doesn’t add up. As for the rest of it. I like the shared spying but this whole more accessible thing is a load of shit. Dalt’s said so too. The AC is not designed for the masses. Not sure how the 40fter and two hydrogen powered boats will reduce costs either.
  5. The boat is sold and the new owner will I'm sure be very happy he is not only getting it early but also with a new rig in place a good deal was made even better...
  6. Missing China is key but loosing New Zealand is a fuck up. I guess they’ll loose the NZ based VOR65 too. Something tells me this still won’t happen.
  7. Alan Roura confirmed buyer of HB7. https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/vendee-globe/vendee-globe-le-skipper-suisse-alan-roura-achete-l-imoca-hugo-boss-d-alex-thomson-86df15b8-370b-11ec-98e6-dd699e429045 Latest unconfirmed but confirmed rumour is that Benjamin Ferre has bought Banque Pop... He also bought Clarisse's mini for his MT in 2019... Tanguy Le Turquais has also purchased a boat - potentially APICIL but this isn't confirmed.
  8. Potentially but given the new rules and amount of confirmed new boats being built any boat built by ATR would fall outside of the 13 given preferential entry to the VG... I think Alan Roura will announce his campaign tomorrow which is rumoured to include the purchase of HB7 or LinkedOut (previously rumoured to have been purchased by Clarisse but is now understood she has Apivia).
  9. AZ has the money but no confidence. It really isn't a pretty picture. Malizia I understand have a pretty awesome plan b lined up that involves a world tour of records and activation. Team Germany is as broke as the V65s. The Italians have announced a 60 campaign but from what I understand it isn't worth the press release that was written. A real shame...
  10. I think this tells you everything you need to know about the new Hugo Boss.
  11. Ouch. Must admit I'm not sure I agree with this. https://www.minitransat.fr/en/news/une-bonification-de-24-heures-pour-80-coureurs/
  12. Enjoy! https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/transat-jacques-vabre/video-ian-lipinski-pousse-son-class40-aux-limites-du-possible-dans-la-grosse-brise-fd302e94-2d7b-11ec-a629-fa900e0d384d
  13. You may well audit the postings but you've still provided nothing to back up your sweeping statement. I too don't care for a gut feeling hence why asking you to substantiate it. After a quick google search: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/19/boat-sales-took-off-during-pandemic-dealers-cant-keep-up-with-demand.html https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/22377/the-2020-2021-vendee-globe-much-more-than-just-a-success https://www.yachtingworld.com/features/the-rise-and-rise-of-double-handed-racing-133804
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