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  1. 9 new articles but 6 about some baton that’ll save the world!
  2. No tracking? No website? The greatest and most professional race in the world… please tell me if I’m expecting much to much?
  3. Okay, here goes: IMOCA: LinkedOut: Corum: "And for you the goal is to roll into the new Vendée Globe campaign? For now, we are with Corum until the Route du Rhum 2022 but the other goal of this year is to keep it all going beyond that, I think everyone is very keen on that. So, now we haven't proven much yet, other than showing that we are capable of setting up such a project. So the goals are first to finish the races and perform well." Bureau Vallée: http://louisburton.bureau-vallee.fr/un-nouveau-foiler-derniere-generation-pour-louis-burton-jusquen-2026/ (sponsor sta
  4. Nope, LinkedOut/Corum/Bureau Vallée are all doing the route du Rhum. Offshore team Germany are looking to sell the boat after this. The 65s are looking more secure although can we really see Sailing Poland, Lithuania, Austria starting the actual Ocean Race? Miripuri are pulling out of their sponsorship after this event too. All in all I’d be pretty worried if I was 11th Hour Racing! Two Imoca’s and potentially no one to race against.
  5. Interesting! I didn’t know a Spanish boat was part of the contract... at least that’ll give 11th Hour someone to race against - I’d say the current 11th Hour boat is the obvious choice but it can’t be overly exciting to line up against a fleet of 3/4 Imoca’s of which one is a new build with a bottomless pit of money and two years of full preparation.
  6. Roman Attanasio's old boat might make the start - it's been sold to a Swiss guy who's currently looking to put a team together. Sounds like a shit show though. I think Xabi is now pretty involved with the Spanish Sail GP team isn't he? I presume that means no TOR E and perhaps no Ocean Race either as he was pretty clear they only wanted to come and play if they had access to a new build 60...
  7. With respect, was Offshore Doubles ever a thing? Yes they had a website etc but I've never quite understood it. I couldn't agree more! Keep WS and the Olympics as far away from offshore sailing as possible!
  8. Pretty sure he’s already bought the half built IMOCA referred to as ‘Switchback’?! It was originally intended as an Ocean Race boat but Kevin picked it up once that project fell through!
  9. The Thales gear is good but I expect it has more to do with the below - taken from the IMOCA's partner section. https://www.imoca.org/en/partners/thales
  10. Maybe they know something we don’t... I just don’t see the ocean race / imoca partnership lasting beyond the end of The Ocean Race Europe.
  11. The Race Around adds a solo class - seems this race is building momentum. https://www.sail-world.com/news/235986/Sam-Holliday-on-The-Race-Arounds-new-solo-class?source=twitter&fbclid=IwAR2hSo3sBaQlLstknYPixKGHv5-KW4ZshDbzSXyCE_fSYyjsaHg0wW6kzCE
  12. I guess it's all relative isn't it but $5m covers I'd presume the rights and the rights only. Activation falls on top of that. They also don't reference the media spend and the contracted hours. But yes, you're right. Not a huge amount to a multi billionaire but he's not a billionaire for no reason, this isn't a hobby project for him. He'll want return!
  13. Talking of finances and SailGP see below - full disclosure this comes from today's Tip and Shaft. The numbers are huge - I hope Larry doesn't get bored... JULIEN DI BIASE: "OUR GOAL IS TO HAVE TEN TEAMS COMPETING ON SAILGP" SailGP season 2 begins this Friday instead of Saturday in Bermuda (the race day scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled due to the forecast for very light winds), Grand Prix racing against a backdrop of confinement with eight teams participating this time. Tip & Shaft took the opportunity to talk to Switzerland's Julien Di Biase the chief operating officer
  14. Still pretty sure IMOCA Team 5 is Louis Burton on his new BV3
  15. Is it just me that would be terrified to enter ‘the cheapest round the world trip in history’? 2 for 1 or a cheap 12 pack yea for sure. But there is something about that line that sends shivers down my back!
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