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  1. Loving the pics. Please post more. Interesting as well as a good tribute to the man.
  2. +1 on the beer buying! Thanks Paul for what you do. P Pig promised half a page back that he was going to shut up, but I guess not.
  3. I think it depends on how steep your beach is. Where I launch, it is fairly steep, and I was really disappointed when I got my CatTrax. Just no way at all it was going to happen solo. Easier to walk it up the beach, twisting one way and then the other, but still bloody hard. This was with my Hobie 16, which is maybe a little heaver than some of the more recent stuff, so that might make a difference. Also, makes a big difference how flat the water is. If you are unloading in some surf, you cannot really leave the boat there unattended while you walk your CatTrax back up the beach.
  4. What can you tell us about your Catri? I have heard of them but kinda thought they didn't exist or were not really available. I see them on the website ahoy-boats.com, but it is not clear which models exist. They say 24 was discontinued, and talk about the 25, but only have pics of the 24. Also some mention of a 28, but no details. Are they for sale? Or kits? Or plans? How fast do you have to be going to foil? Do the foils help in rough water?
  5. Any photos? I think a lot of them are built not strictly to plan, so photos might help. Mine is so far off that I times I wonder if it even is a Horstmann vs a Telstar or something. I think there is lot in common. I regularly watch Craigslist both in CA and HI and have not seen anything, although there is a Piver for free on a ranch near Santa Barbra, I think.
  6. Still looking for the perfect multi for Hawaii's rough seas and strong winds. Started out on a Hobie 16, but that's just not something for the open ocean IMO. Was looking for a bigger cat, to get outside the reef, when I stumbled on my Horstmann 31 Tri. Lots right Lele for this location. Huge freeboard, huge reserve boyancy in the AMAs, tough as nails, inexpensive enough that you don't need a loan or any insurance other than what the state requires, and not too expensive for a slip, though since it is not folding, it cannot be just any slip. Big enough to camp if you want to, and big e
  7. How about kickup rudders just grafted on either end? Simple, anyway. Never gonna be a performance beast, or, probably anything you would want to make a crossing in. But will always be wonderfully strange, and plenty interesting. Puttering around day sailing would just be a bonus.
  8. So...could she be rescued/ claimed? What would the legal issues be? A few years ago Hydropter was slated to be crushed here in Honolulu, and saved, partially, due to the action of some folks on this board. There was some question about ownership there, but I think the Hawaii Division of Land and Natural Resources claimed her for unpaid mooring fees, and then auctioned her off. I'm not really sure where you would stand if you were in California with a boat that Hawaii says belongs to you but France says belongs to someone else. Lots of boats and cars here are destroyed here because the own
  9. What are you using for radios? I have a ton of RC monohulls and was thinking of building a multi, but, with the monos, I felt the generic RC radios I used did not have enough range for sailing them in the ocean, so I kinda stopped.
  10. Leo only ever updates every other week. Try winding sailing and sailing yaba as well.
  11. I don't have any photos handy, but I marked up a drawing from the Hostaman website: On mine the front beams don't have the cutouts shown in the drawing, so they are even more massive and rugged, which I am happy about when getting slammed around in Hawaiian waters. Also I don't have the front windows. The downside of this is that there is not much ventilation in the bunks. The water tank location is right above where a 'bathroom' sink is installed on mine. Likely never used once as it is a very dark and cramped space. There is galley sink a few feet forward of where this drawi
  12. Current water tank is a metal tank between the two front beams. Pretty useless, since its 50 years old and there is no way to clean it. Nasty! My current thought it to make something that would hold a couple of 5 gallon drinking water bottles. That way the water is sterile coming in, you can see what's growing inside, and once things start growing you just toss it and replace. Mostly just daysailing and overnighting, 10 gallons would likely cover it. Even at this smaller volume I want the weight at the middle of the boat, and most of the need for water is in the cockpit, so need to pump
  13. Yeah. Mini keel had nothing to do with Ed, and is very crude and a bit horrible. Not even a foil, just a slab. Hoping to put a foil shape on it one of these days, and maybe get a little better pointing as I think the slab might stall when pointing. It does work, however, and converting to boards would be hard. Also, I think I have heard that the boards as Ed designed them were a little weak.
  14. No, sadly, my rudder is inboard, and non kick up, although my motor is outboard and tilt up. I think 0 is the perfect number for below water line thru-hulls, and counting the rudder I have 1, which is NOT the perfect number. But, with my mini-keel I don't know that I kick up would be that useful since beaching is not going to happening. But with the rudder in this position there is room for a (very short) traveler between the rudder and the backstay. Here is a photo from a prior hallout that shows the mini keel and the rudder. Its a little confusing because at this time there was a mot
  15. Ian's patent seems to be US 5031557, filed in 1989, which means the invention became public domain in 2009. There are also quite a few other patented trimaran folding systems in the patent data base you might look at. Go to USPTO.gov, patent search. You could start with 5904111 (Frigard), look at the patents it references, and is referenced by and spread out from there. You could also search for the term trimaran in the field TITLE, but that by itself won't show that much. But the trick is to find a starting point and follow the tree of referenced and referenced by patents. Looking at pa
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