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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Rigger installing an UltraWhip with LMR Ultralight coax cable. Any views on the Garmin VHF 315 radio?
  2. I can put you in contact with a very experienced 105 single and double hander in Monterey. Contact me at j80maverick@gmail.com
  3. Does anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area have a J80 trailer for rent? I need to move my 80 to the Bay for the start of the 2021 Spinnaker Cup on 5/29
  4. Has anyone installed a VHF mast head antenna on a J 80? Contemplating entering a long distance race off CA coast for which a mast head antennas is a requirement
  5. Does anyone have suggestions on a good spinnaker sheet twing line layout?
  6. JdP

    J/80 furler

    I have an older Harken unit and have the same problem. Can you provide a picture of the key under the cap?
  7. I often sail my J80 single handed across Monterey Bay including in a 40nm race in 25 knts. Having a Code 0 on a furler is nice for under 10knts, but the apparent wind moves forward so rapidly that the boat get overpowered quickly. I recently used an A3 much more effectively. No need for additional hardware, just make sure your vang line and jib sheets are long enough to reach from the helm. I have a tiller auto helm but find that two rubber bands work just as well, although the boat can get rolly off the wind. I think the concern about losing a keel is overstated. Just check your keelbox and
  8. JdP

    J80 125% Genoa

    We found that the 125 offers the balance between pointing ability and power to punch through the chop/waves on Monterey Bay without increasing the PHRF rating. Anything larger makes the boat clumsy, and in out conditions, often overpowered.
  9. Any suggestions on the best layout for jacklines on a J80?
  10. My J80 is equipped with Genoa tracks for a 155% Genoa, which I don't use. I am in the market for a new jib, considering getting a 125% Genoa so as to avoid a PHRF penalty. I only sail in PHRF races on Monterey Bay. Conditions vary from light to very breezy in choppy conditions. In one design format, the boat does not do well in light conditions, hence my consideration of getting a 125. Does anyone have experience sailing with a 125% Genoa? I am concerned that the boat will not point as well. Thank you
  11. JdP

    J80 PHRF setup

    The PHRF kite (A3 according to the sailmaker) is 900sq ft, and much larger than the class standard. It has a very low clew and low cut foot. The other spinnaker options is the OD - A2(?) and a Code 0. I only sail in PHRF configuration, and take a OD+3 sec penalty for using the large kit. While the big kite is useful for long, deep downwind legs, it is clumsy through the gybes. Found the the OD kite allows the boat to accelerate faster coming out of a gybe.
  12. JdP

    J80 PHRF setup

    Does anyone have experience keeping the jib up while flying the spinnaker? We are currently sailing in 20+ of breeze, and judging by some videos on YouTube, keeping the jib up seems to give more control. My concern is gybing both the spinnaker and the job at the same time.
  13. JdP

    J80 PHRF setup

    Thanks for the useful comments. Decided to stick to the OD jib since acquiring a 135 is not in the cards for the time being. We have an A3 kite, which is great for a deep running, we found it to be slow to accelerate coming out of a gybe. Also, dousing it, is always a challenge. While A3 cost us 3 seconds per mile, it might be worth keep it in the sail configuartion?
  14. I've owned J80 hull#132 for a yr and still learning how to sail it well. We sail the boat in PHRF races on Monterey Bay, CA in conditions ranging from light to 20kt winds and mostly choppy seas. Boat is set up with a 155 Genoa, a 900sq ft running spinnaker and a Code 0. We also have the full OD configuration. We find it hard to sail the boat to its PHRF rating of 114 with the 155 and large spinnaker, and 117 with OD jib but large kite. 3 questions: (i) Does anyone have experience in using a Code 0 on an 80 for racing? Given the loads on the sprit pole (carbon), should it only extended
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