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  1. Everything you say is very close with the exception of it not Mexico asking for migration but the Catholic Church. Most indian nations would recognise the clergy until they recognised the "offer you cannot refuse" nature of the church in the new world. The indian nations of what became the ROT would kill the on sight and for good reason. It is a facinating time in the history of the south west. If one doubts the cburch look no further than Bill Clinton. The church came forward with the declration that any member of congress who voted in favor of any bill that might include abor
  2. The native Indians definetly took a screwing. There is a story of Sam Houston signing a kill on sight order of the Karawanka indians. The Indians of the area were probably the finest light calvery the world has ever known.
  3. It is correct groups of the settlers did come from the young United States via the French held Louisiana territory. The idea they migrated in support of the US for the purpose of an eventual annexation of what became the Republic of Texas has no basis in fact. The actual facts we have available to us support the opposite conclusion. If we look at the western migration post 1803 (Louisiana Purchase) the majority of settlers had no connection to the US nor did they want one. The census information we have available from the time comes from Catholic church records located at th
  4. Plenty of both surrounding the story of the forming of the ROT. The line at the end of the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance probably sums it up perfectly. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. Quite possible though I know of no documentation to support your theory. Plenty of facts, stories, legends, and outright lies surrounding the time period to keep historians busy for decades. Oh wait, It already has.
  5. Might wish to reread the chapter on Texas history. Texas won her independence from Mexico in 1836 to become the Republic of Texas. She did not become a state until 1846. The 1846 agreement included a provision for Texas to leave the Union to become five individual states to reform the Republic of Texas as a soverign nation. Texas leaving the US has been argued many times normally ending in a legal quandry. If put before the voters #texit would pass resulting in a never ending legal shit fight. One side would argue the reconstruction agreement signed at the end of the Civi
  6. Kill everyone then strip the bodies plus the boat of anything of value before sending the lot to Davy Jones locker?
  7. How long does it take to build a facility of this type? Only thing I have seen that would be close is electronics manufacturing. For semiconductors there is no way a facility started in April could be up and running by now. For the 20,000 square foot facility it took five months to install and certify the ventilation systems alone. I have no idea how that might compare to a sterile facility to manufacture vaccines.
  8. For US viewers NBCSP is running coverage of the practice races. 12:00 to 2:00cst. Channel 159 on Dish Network Sorry if this has already been posted
  9. Just trying to play nice. I could fall back to the acceptable standards of the early days of anon and enturbulation.org but that would get me a perma ban here. Wanker? You are cute
  10. Difficult to hold a hearing when the defendant is constantly pulling his pud over the exhibits.
  11. How else are we supposed to support the Gorilla tape? Or: We need much smaller gaps if we expect to be able to roll on the Flex Seal
  12. Good luck to both of you. I would be very interested in knowing, if after being vaccinated, do you then test positive using a standard quick test.
  13. Mrs Howell????? You sir are a truly strange ranger. I bet you are a blast to drink with.
  14. Making sense of everything going on right now is not always an easy thing to do. Doing scooter repair is not my real job. My business builds battery packs. An old friend and his wife operate a home health agency who one morning found themselves without their repair guy because he is convinced he is going to die being out in public all day every day. My friends knew I could do the job and asked me if I could fill in. I would prefer to be running my own company but someone has to make sure the clients are able to maintain their mobility. First thing I do is get a temp on the clie
  15. Upside is anyplace requiring a test within 72 hours is most likely not a place I wish to go at this time. I tend to stay far away from the vaccination debates due to the emotions involved. All I can say is I will follow the advice of my primary care along with the recommendations of the immunology department at UTMB. Both advise persons who have had covid wait to be vaccinated until more is known about possible interactions/complications. Not everyone will agree and that is fine. My personal choice is to follow the advice of a university research hospital involved in coronavirus
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