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  1. stealth

    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Congratulations. That is indeed a great "Barn find". Looking forward to see it race and win.
  2. stealth

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

  3. stealth

    Best All Around Little Boat for Traveling

    Here is the FB link to post: Here is his Building blog:
  4. stealth

    Best All Around Little Boat for Traveling

    I550 There are a few for sale on around:
  5. stealth

    Which is the J boat that few like?

    J24 and J29.
  6. stealth

    What is it?

    Sexy. Love varnished wooden boats.
  7. stealth

    FP - Red Bull

    Would love to see RB sponsor a great boat and rock.
  8. stealth

    x-yachts x-119

    You can find the brochure for the X-119 here: There is a X-yacht owners club with a large technical library where I am sure you can get a lot answers:
  9. stealth

    Headsail change setup

    Use double headstay foils:|118|2358486|2358490&id=1167774
  10. stealth

    Bow pole fittings

    Take a look at the I550 blogs. There are few of the builders who has made articulating pole solutions:
  11. stealth


    Even by adding winglets to the breve tail will it improve the performance. Here Wild Oats' modified beaver bulb.
  12. stealth


    I'm sure if you have that drawing in cad format it can be updated to the beeve design.
  13. stealth


    The bulb you made are safe and sound with me ready for the next casting. Let me know who is next in the line and I will DHL it immediately
  14. stealth


    T&S, It is not perfect, but you can use Bablefish to translate. Enter English and translate, just remember to translate back to English to see how close it converted your words. http://babelfish.yah...m/translate_txt Bruno, Any progress on building your boat? Alguns progridem em construir seu barco? Some progress in constructing its boat? Thanks Chateau de Chien, I've been looking for a site like that. S Don't think that Bruno will answer. I have already tried to PM him few times as I am also going to move the way Bruno was starting. I did translate to Portuguese. But let us see.
  15. stealth

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Looks interesting Jim. What is the measurement data? Do keep us posted on the progress. The GP26 fleet is growing steadily with a new build starting up in Europe, and hopefully there will be more interest in the US soon. But the entire boat building industry has been slowed by the economic situation, so we'll have to wait a while until things start heating up again. Jim would be very interested in building the GP26, but this will not happen until the are customers.