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  1. There was One I550 build in Brazil by Bruno Telles. He had some challenges but managed to make it work. I contacted him and he suggested to make it by strip planking as the method he made by making large panels and fitting them line Plywood was very difficult. 

    I can share with you the feedback I got from Bruno. I myself have been planning on foam core and infusion. 


  2. On 1/1/2021 at 4:25 AM, sailordude69 said:

    What ever happened to this class?  There were a hand full in Toronto, but it looks like the National One Design Center went out of business.  Where are all the boats?  How many were built?  Does anyone have any pictures of what it looks like down below?


    LOL - Asking for a friend.


  3. 9 hours ago, sailor bum said:

    Anybody out there know anything about the X-119 built by X-Yachts in Denmark?  I'm thinking of buying one.

    I've heard that they have a welded steel frame bonded into the hull to handle keel loads.  I'm worried that on a 30 year old boat there will be corrosion problems.

    Any info would be welcome

    You can find the brochure for the X-119 here: https://3brefc126v633i9r4zk9q3p5-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/X-119-brochure.pdf

    There is a X-yacht owners club with a large technical library where I am sure you can get a lot answers: https://x-yachtsowners.co.uk/



  4. On 3/15/2020 at 7:11 PM, roon said:

    Hi all, hoping the worldly expertise of the SA sports boat fraternity may be able to assist me.

    i own a Skippi 650 Cruiser. It currently has a retractable bow pole that exists through the bow just under the sheer. I’m wanting to make this an articulating pole via an under deck mounted radial track/car and some kind of fitting in the bow. Does anyone have any modern day solutions to a through the bow fitting to enable a canting pole? 

    Thanks all, Roon

    Take a look at the I550 blogs. There are few of the builders who has made articulating pole solutions: http://i550class.org/#blogs

  5. Anyone know where the beavertail bulb plug might be? I think the last we heard was that it made its way to Singapore. If it's still intact, there's a builder in Italy and one in Canada that would like to use it.



    The bulb you made are safe and sound with me ready for the next casting. Let me know who is next in the line and I will DHL it immediately

  6. We are checking in with all builders for updates. Haven't heard back re: Brazil. How's your Portuguese?




    It is not perfect, but you can use Bablefish to translate. Enter English and translate, just remember to translate back to English to see how close it converted your words. http://babelfish.yah...m/translate_txt



    Any progress on building your boat?

    Alguns progridem em construir seu barco?

    Some progress in constructing its boat?


    Thanks Chateau de Chien,

    I've been looking for a site like that.


    Don't think that Bruno will answer. I have already tried to PM him few times as I am also going to move the way Bruno was starting. I did translate to Portuguese. But let us see.

  7. Looks interesting Jim.

    What is the measurement data?

    Do keep us posted on the progress.


    Looks good Jim. Please keep us posted.


    Did you make any progress with finding a builder for the USA GP26? Last you posted you were talking with Betts?


    The GP26 fleet is growing steadily with a new build starting up in Europe, and hopefully there will be more interest in the US soon.

    But the entire boat building industry has been slowed by the economic situation, so we'll have to wait a while until things start heating up again.


    Jim would be very interested in building the GP26, but this will not happen until the are customers.

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