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  1. APS was my go to for that stuff, hard to find it now...
  2. Vang is usually not super tight going downwind, should be just enough to keep the boom from rising. It also is a bit of a backstay holding the mast from bending forward, between the sheet and the vang they keep the mast in column down wind, otherwise the mast can actually bend forward and break that way. Upwind it takes the load off the mainsheet a bit and can be used to induce mast bend just don't overdo it if your mast isn't designed for it.
  3. might be easier to put that into a small anchor bag and tie under the hiking strap (aft). With the benefit that you can reach it, and it's removable if you want to sail without (if you race). Just sounds like a lot of trouble and modification to carry a hook!
  4. Just a guess, but the serial might be number/year a lot of modern hull numbers are that way so 1970?
  5. Yup these are for optional flaps/drains. Many thistle owners use insignia cloth or tape to cover them since it's light weight and as noted the transom is above the waterline. The only time it's slightly below is typically when I'm back there hanging the rudder at the dock. Our fleet has to ramp launch boats so I have solid plastic flaps like The Q mentions. You can go what ever way you want, I like the flaps because they hold up and you can close them again after use. Stop by the Home - Thistle Class Association to connect with other owners if you want. As always we'd love to have you re
  6. Teasing, there was nothing wrong I just wanted to expand on it. The most disturbing part of this story (and there are a few) is that it was allegedly done by a group of college sailors, if that's you team sailing culture, it's horrific. One bad apple is bad enough, but a group doing this and no one stopping it or reporting it now? That's unforgivable.
  7. Fixed it! It takes all of us, look out for your crew/teammates/friends/fellow humans! You can tell if someone is in trouble sometimes.
  8. or just have decent lawyers…
  9. At a minimum he's going to AA meetings and should get counseling too, if you truly can't report it to a law enforcement agency sounds like he's just avoiding the victim and anyone else that knows for his benefit.
  10. Um I don't know who you talked to, but yeah he's a scum bag... But this happened in June of this year and I don't think any of the college sailors were married, could be wrong.
  11. Time will tell as you said we're not owed anything, if she was willing I'd like to see a disciplinary hearing But then again that could be a litigious minefield too.
  12. We know when it happened but not when/if it was reported so it may be hard to find. It just hits me in the gut if something like this happened in college sailing, it feels like it's a crime committed in my house that I didn't know about. I wasn't there, my team wasn't there, but it's my sport and happened in my conference so it hits different.
  13. Victim testimony is evidence, buy not every DA will go to trial with only that Counselor. And as an off campus incident between two different institution I'm sure the internal investigation is fraught too. I hope there is a criminal and administrative investigation and for the love of god, a resolution. I'm disappointed ICSA in not launching it's own investigation, I guess they aren't equipped. I've been around enough to know the justice system is far from perfect and a conviction or plea it's not a given and not even the norm since the crime is under reported to begin with.
  14. I really hope this is investigated, but I also 100% understand if no formal report was made at the time. The shock and shame response makes a lot of people fail to report an assault or rape at the time. Months, years later you maybe share it with friends, and if you are extremely brave, contact authorities who may or may not help, and then maybe go public. I am sure Rachel was doing what she could all along. There deserves to be an investigation, but there may never bet "proof" or "evidence" unless one of the perpetrators also comes clean. I would hope someone on the team that knows comes f
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