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  1. Terrific video Kelly! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together. Your advice is outstanding, I'll be certain to have everyone that wants to sail my boat watch it before hand.
  2. StoweVT: Welcome to this forum. I'm guessing you have the J/35C that is moored in Shelburne Bay, recently renamed 'Majestic', correct? We have a J/110 at LCYC across the bay, we sailed by you once or twice this summer and waived. You have a great boat, I know the former owner. The J/35C is almost identical to the J/110. One key difference is that J/Boats put a retractable sprit on the J/110, so we don't have this particular challenge. I think the J/35C uses the same removable anchor roller that the 110 does. It slides on and off of two pins at the aft end of the roller. It
  3. I've been waiting for an answer to this question for quite some time now. I don't believe anyone can answer it with first hand knowledge yet, as the geographic distributions of the two boats have not overlapped significantly. They are built, literally, on opposite sides of the Globe, in Bristol Rhode Island (UFO) and Australia (Skeeta). Most UFOs have landed in the US, but a few have made it to Europe, Africa, and even Australia. I'm guessing most Skeetas are in Australia, but I've seen that some have made it to Europe. I'm not aware of any in the US yet. Both are still pretty rare b
  4. GrandpaTime: Nice summary. I'd argue that the UFO is easier and quicker to rig than the Waszp. On the UFO you can leave the mast and boom up all the time (assuming you are storing the boat where you sail it). I have not rigged a Waszp myself, but I've rigged my UFO next to Waszps in a boat park and the UFO seems to me to be much quicker to rig/derig, assuming you aren't doing a full breakdown to transport. The Waszp is not difficult, but the UFO is very easy, on par with my Laser (15 relaxed minutes from uncovering to sailing). From the videos I've seen, the Skeeta should be sim
  5. I'm on Lake Champlain in Vermont and currently sail a UFO. I'm really eager to sail a Skeeta as well. I'm hopeful that it will combine the strengths of the UFO (reasonable cost, durability, ease of rigging and launching) with the comfort of the Waszp/Moth configuration. I sent a note to Melges in early spring of 2021 suggesting a demo boat tour in New England, but got no response. Perhaps once they actually have boats next spring they will consider it (as long as the West Coast guys don't buy out all of of their inventory :-) ) In the mean time, I'll be following this thread
  6. Beautiful gybe! You make it look so smooth and easy. Your pride is well earned.
  7. I'm surprised no one else picked up on this. WestMassNomad states that the water that came out of the hull was brackish, meaning a mixture of salt and fresh water. Brackish water is found in coastal estuaries, like the Chesapeake Bay, and parts of Long Island Sound, perhaps the Connecticut River. Most lakes contain only fresh water (certainly all the lakes in Vermont do). Therefore, if the water that came out of the boat was indeed brackish, I would submit that it was in the hull when you purchased it, and likely came from a tidal region on the coast.
  8. Some have posted about the Harken Hoister... In our last home, the previous owner installed a Harken Hoister in the garage and left it there. We used it for our canoe, which weighed about 80 lbs. The hoister was great in theory, but we found that it had a lot of internal friction, and the locking/unlocking cam was really tough to actuate from the floor. Each raising and lowering session ended in frustration. Its possible that we simply should have taken out one or two of the legs of the purchase, to put more tension on the line, I think we didn't really have enough weight on the system
  9. I have stored dinghys on their sides for years, with very good results. I can't speak to the Zest in particular, but I suspect as long as the garage does not get too hot, it will be fine. We store our Laser and UFO on their sides in our basement every winter. I have found that a few scrap pieces of the 2" thick blue foamboard work really well to support and cushion the boat. I place two 8-12" wide strips under the widest part of the gunnel, about 2' apart. That keeps the boat from rocking bow to stern. I put another piece of foam board between the deck and the wall. I don't tie it
  10. This photo suggests that the rumors are true....Fulcrum Speedworks has licensed Tesla's autopilot technology and their boats can now sail autonomously. Will this option be available on the UFO as well?
  11. If you have met his father, Steve, I think you will conclude it is something other than what Dave is drinking in his office. Dave's energy and ingenuity are either genetic or come from something in the water on the family farm in Bristol that he grew up (to the extent you can say he grew up :-) ).
  12. This is really close to me, and I'm tempted to check it out, but I really don't need another dinghy.... If I did, it does look like a fun and unusual craft. Must not call the number, must not call the number, must not call the number....
  13. What breaks first on these....the skipper! No, seriously, what I've seen is that the cunningham cleats and fairleads begin to pull out of the deck if the screws get at all loose. I've had to fill the holes with epoxy and re-mount mine. Wiggle the cleats and see if they are loose. Not a big deal, but I wish they put better backing in that area. The early boats had a metal spreader bracket riveted to the mast that failed. Later boats came with a carbon fiber bracket, and Fulcrum mailed out replacement brackets to owners of earlier boats. If you buy a boat with a metal bracke
  14. That is strange, but answers some questions. My understanding was that Melges had a container of Skeeta's coming in last fall, but then I never heard reports of anyone taking delivery or sailing one in North America. I emailed Melges this spring to find out if there would be any demo boats making the rounds, but did not receive a reply. Seems like their plans to get Skeetas got pushed back a year for some reason. I understand your comment on the seam looking sort of 'old school'. The UFO is not as finely finished aesthetically as some boats. But I've owned mine for almost four
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