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  1. Although your I find your response a bit extreme you are spot on.
  2. Any undecided voters at this point don’t pay attention enough to care about SCJ’s.
  3. If what you say is true why would the US government ban .22 calibre rifles?
  4. Well, that’s one of the reasons Chicago cops say they can’t solve very many of the murders there - no one will talk to the police.
  5. Why? Did he try to beat up an armed man?
  6. Long enough for someone to torch it. That only takes about a minute.
  7. Wouldn’t you avoid burning coal the most by just not running your compressors and AC?
  8. He should have sent troops into the big cities, ordered quarinteen, and had anyone found outside shot on sight.
  9. What is the deal with the nuts purposefully starting wildfires out there? What are those governors doing about it?
  10. What situation? Illegal immigration? Homelessness? Rioting and looting? Wild fires?
  11. If the ‘laws’ held any water they would have given all present a ticket or something.
  12. You posted here last week?
  13. The white SJWs are saying they are at fault and by default you must be too. I haven’t been able to wrap my head around how people who believe THEY are at fault are rioting, looting, destroying, mustering.
  14. Nope. Ike sent US soldiers in to police US citizens.
  15. Why would anyone get into a fight in the first place?
  16. All the Canadians I work with say they are not happy with the gun regulations.
  17. Diversity ‘training’ is a waste of money. Every employee in the company I work (tens of thousands) is required to go through it on line (which pretty much means after normal work hours). That’s because the government pays the company to do so via grant. It’s free money.
  18. He had PCP in his system. He was tripping out. You need more?
  19. Exactly. It’s no wonder he had mental issues. My question was rhetorical. If some big dude was running around my neighborhood naked and a king erratically I’d much rather have a few Cops show up than a few white shirts. People on PCP can do some crazy shit and I wouldn’t want them freaking out and doing harm to my kids or neighbors kids.
  20. You think a social worker can handle a man whacked out on PCP?
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