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  1. Extension was added to stern. Had a little bit of reverse rocker, about 3/4”. Owner had it faired in some but could always be better. Boat was weak off the wind. About same speed as a Olson 30. Interior was nothing special. Similar to other 30’ race boats like the J’s and Santana 30/30. Engine never worked to its potential. Belts always wearing out and extremely loud. Don’t remember the brand but was very light. Owner was super nice guy. Moved back to Michigan and worked for S2 doing industrial design work.
  2. I sailed on the boat for a few years when it was new. It came out of the same mold as the 30 with lots of modifications. Same rig dimensions. Quick upwind. Doesn’t do anything bad. Solid performance. Had an outboard when new. Owner installed a air cooled inboard with belt drive just before he sold the boat. The boat was a little asymmetric in the stern.
  3. You should look at the J 24. Ok in every wind speed. Can get you trophies in PH and when you get tired of the PH whinnying the is class racing.
  4. Ganbare never won the worlds. Was the fastest in 1973 and started Doug’s career winning the worlds in 74 and 75.
  5. https://lauradekkerworldsailingfoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/LifeSail-ALL-pdf.pdf Laura’s side of the story. 72 pages with copies of everything she has including an offer of $40,000 from LifeSail. Boat was insured for $76,000
  6. No Jaded this weekend. Sailing Lasers,
  7. 3 Big Dogs win J 24 North Americans. Great Job
  8. Hardway, First overall Spinn Coastal Bullet
  9. Holiday Regatta. How did it go today?
  10. Why won't the Ventura Cup just go away? The SBCC could be a great regatta without the BS of the cup following it. Rush street is coming down from SB along with Fatuity from SBSC. SB will missed this year. Always look forward to sailing against your boats. See you at the Holiday Regatta, the last race of the little know ASBCYC high point series.
  11. I vote for Saturday, and let 21' sport boats race without lifelines.
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