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  1. Pretty much set on the Laser, everyone around me at my local club is telling me that's what I should choose to learn to sail, there's an active local fleet here in Victoria, and I've actually already sourced one in good shape. I'm planning to drop down to 185-190 so I'll be fine. Right now I've just been crewing on big boats, I want to learn helm and race tactics/strategy with the laser and then progress to foiling on a moth or something.
  2. Well I wanted to single hand the 470, and probably could (built 200lbs). But I'm not a member of a club and have no where to store it stepped so that means trailering, stepping, rigging, launching all to bomb around single handed with zero fleet around me. I want to start racing, and for that purpose and the ease of launching the laser is the way to go. There's a group of local guys that race weekly, as well as weekly coaching. My buddies C&C makes a good swill hauler
  3. And yes that's my boat bought it last year on a whim and sailed it once. Had a hoot but I need a Laser instead so I don't need to rely on someone else to get out there and learn to sail. Help me sell it!...
  4. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/2002-Mackay-470-Olympic-racing-dinghy_31694750
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