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  1. 1 comment on paint. I have battleship grey imron on my 6.0 it is so hot i can't sit on it in the summer (fl) sun every scratch acts like an etch-a-sketch and you can see the white gelcoat under it - this is not just on the bottom (actually my bottoms are better than other spots since i use beach wheels and pool noodles on the hulls to keep it off the sand), but everywhere anything that can scratch it, it does Also stress cracks on the bows look terrible (from either hull pressure while the bows dive, or from the spin, or from the anchor lines that are attached to the bows
  2. you sell more boats when owners break their boats by bad behavior
  3. Side note: I am not / was not offended - and i was not "suggesting" you should get a powered boat I was conveying my experience with island camping and specifically said "i found. camping via a catamaran as not very safe for me and my dog" YMMV
  4. TBW - No you didn't You asked a very broad and open ended question "Wondering what some of the models of beach cats are that would be good for 2 adults, 2 small children and maybe a bit of camping gear. " If your gonna give crap out about the way people answer your questions, and you are looking for generic responses like "buy anything big and cheap". i will keep my experiences to my self when you ask in the future
  5. Wings give extra hardware to be careful near for sure - all parts of a boat can be dangerous for little kids fingers, and adults as well Wings can be dangerous in a capsize and in a pitch pole and in a sudden stop (catch a crab trap float, or hit a sand or other) so can booms, hulls, lines, and foils and anything else that can be fallen into, onto and tangled in Yes wings are in-line so they are extra hazardous in a violent capsize (i say violent because a "regular" capsize should give people enough heads up to be hanging on and ready for it) all the more reason to not have li
  6. OP said "Wondering what some of the models of beach cats are that would be good for 2 adults, 2 small children and maybe a bit of camping gear. On the more affordable end of the spectrum." 460, Nacra 500 gonna hold 4 people and camping gear? new 570 is 15k ish? any of these models have wings? that's why i didn't recommend any of these boats
  7. THAT is a wet boat - Very fast and fun for sure but one of the wetter cats i have been on I have sailed the 17 and 19 (some 19's have boards - not all - same exact hull shape with and without) the tramp of a sc17 is not that big unless you have a front tramp - still a great boat for sure
  8. I sailed as crew yesterday on a mystere 6.0 and didn't get a drop of water on me in 8 -12 knots (nice day out) getting wet on a beachcat has lots of variables... make/model, wings vs no wings, water conditions, skipper skills some cats are much wetter than others - and if you have wings ... it's a non issue Side note: Many locations on the water rent getaways - to the OP - perhaps you can rent one prior to making a final decision
  9. I would say having dagger boards may not be optimal for a family boat. sure it can work but it is another item that can cause injury in a bow stuff or capsize and f18 boards and rudders are very sharp too - i would avoid them if at all possible and is why i own 2 boats with centerboards
  10. My 6.0 is for sale and is cheaper will sell with the wings for $5.500 https://www.thebeachcats.com/classifieds/catamarans-for-sale/p15090-custom-mystere-6-0.html
  11. 8k? Is that with a friendly discount? It is listed for 9k Seems like a pretty cool boat - wonder how well it tracks with those micro centerboards
  12. from my reading those are molded into the hull - there is no removal without cutting it out. there is drainage that drains icewater out under the tramp
  13. I would guess the reasons are: leaks, weak structurally, can break when stepped on, the screw on ones get jammed up with salt, dirt and can freeze up. and people probably lose all sorts of stuff in the hulls without any way to get it back. I have found several objects in my hulls when i took the deck's off to replace bow / side-stay tangs. I added a large square access port to my 5.5 years ago. while it is very nice to have the storage, I wish i didn't. over time the seal has failed. the lid is now loose and i fear in a capsize it will allow water to pour in. Not to mention i fear it
  14. I love g-cats and have sailed with G-cat's designer/owner (Hans G) for the past dozen years (that's him below). the issue is the total lack of parts and support for this boat. if you break a rudder or casting - you are on your own to fabricate one or hunt down a used one - and they made several versions - no telling if it will work Also the boat is a bit twitchy and prone to pitchpole (i've been swimming a few times while sailing on g-cats for these reasons)
  15. "90 pounds heavier than my Prindle," With beach wheels it shouldn't be an issue at all " For example, the Getaway has decent sized hatches in the hull for camping gear." pretty sure those 5" hatches are actually coolers. not all that much room for gear but some. (this is from online research, not first hand exp)
  16. I camp a few times a year: with a tent, coolers, stove, dryfood, dog, doghouse, dogfood, firewood and about a weeks worth of clothing - often a guitar as well. I gave up on using my beach cat for camping 8 years ago. FOR ME: It is not safe to sail with all the gear i want and for some reason it is always blowing like stink when i return - gets pretty hairy with my dog, guitars and all my camping gear on the cat in 20 plus I got a v-bow jon boat and it is much safer - i camp for at least a week in the fall and often go back for my catamaran after a few days Since there are on
  17. i have experimented with multiple "poles" as (cheaper than marine grade) hiking sticks i.e. painting poles, gaf poles, extendable gaf poles and they all fail fiberglass paint poles splinter and get in your hands thin walled alum poles dent with a single drop and their fate is sealed - they gonna bend and break I have yet to find a better solution than a real purpose made hiking stick - i.e. - http://www.arribastick.com/fx6.asp
  18. what location? Sand Key/Clearwater Sailing Center?
  19. Mathew Monts (skipper), Tristan DeMarzo - F16 Nationals first place Robbie Daniel (coach) Clearwater Fl
  20. they are well designed and fun for sure! I have capsized on a 17 and 19 was able to self right the 17 (with aid from the shroud extenders) but the 19 .... that was a bear even for 2 of us I think it is really neat that the 17 have no boards and sails very well but the 19 had boards (with same designed hulls)
  21. no disrespect to this boat but super cats are super wet rides i have been on several and all of them douche the snot out of crew and skipper unless this had wings, i would say it is not even a contender for a distance race where the elements come into play
  22. Not legally in the USA (as far as i know of, there may be some states that do permit it but not that i ever heard of) 8'6" is the limit to drive on most roads without an oversized load (permits, flags, and escort car)
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