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  1. It’s not the first time your threads have struck out Joke….
  2. Meh. I actively wish for Trumps death every day. Of course my issue with him is not political.
  3. I’m surprised no one has mentioned bird on bird predation as a leading cause of bird death. You don’t see nieghbothood cats killing and eating each other.
  4. I’m all for bird feeders. Brings more birds to the neighborhood which means more lunch for the local cats. If you really want to save birds lives you’d pollute less, go off the grid, open your windows and stop putting damn bird feeders in the back yard. Instead of that how about creating more nature reserves? You don’t see too many neighborhood cats there.
  5. So Kentucky is going to lose three SEC games this year. Gators will win out. Ipso facto Gators are SEC champs. You know what is crazy? Predicting a Natty for Clempson.
  6. Nope. 100k + at PSU, OSU and Meeeechigan. It’s sold out everywhere NFL games included.
  7. Can’t believe no one has suggested the Ridgeline. Many people say it’s the best truck out there.
  8. Worried about packed football games being super spreader events? Don’t be, it’s nonsense. Ditto for bars and restaurants, probably due to high vax rates. From the scientists at U of Florida… https://news.ufl.edu/2021/10/no-covid-spikes-from-football/ edit to add public health officials just can’t help themselves. All the data aside they still suggest wearing a mask. Even if you are vaxed and outside. It’s such BS. I was at the Bama game. 90K people no one was wearing a mask.
  9. When presented with incontrovertible evidence of a waning pandemic some fear merchants call the data fake, misleading or incomplete. They’re like Trumpaloons on November 3rd. SAD! The fact is COVID is waning all over not just the US. Here is some good news from Israel. https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/with-boosters-masks-green-pass-israel-sees-covid-19-wave-retreat-2021-10-15/
  10. Good news from Florida. As Covid wanes hospitalizations are in free fall. ICU hospitalizations dropped a stunning 40% from the prior week. https://www.fox13news.com/news/florida-icu-patients-with-covid-19-drop-below-1000
  11. Fortunately I grew up in a neighborhood where psychopaths with guns who shot cats were not tolerated. Also your # is 100% BS and there are plenty of more common ways birds die. In fact you as a human are way more lethal to birds than the noble cat. https://www.fws.gov/mainefieldoffice/PDFs/mortality-fact-sheet[1].pdf
  12. Lets face it there are plenty of birds in the world many of which are very annoying. Cats provide an important check on their population growth. I had many indoor/outdoor cats growing up all which lived long lives.
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